2019 Offensive Rookie of the Year Award Betting

Whilst the NFL regular season has yet to start, I am more than aware there are many sports bettors out there that are currently traying to make sense of the many early and futures betting markets that have been made live on all aspects of the NFL.

One betting market that may just be worth your time and effort checking out is the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award betting market, for there are a few players listed on that betting market that do look appealing from a betting point of view, it does have to be said.

As for just which player most punters and sportsbook odds compilers feel is likely to be the winner of that award this season, well that player is Kyler Murray, who has been attracting a lot of support from sport bettors, so much so his odds of winning that award are just 7/4 right now.

Whether Murray does go on to win that award remains to be seen, and there are several other players at much higher odds that you may fancy taking your chances of and pinning your hopes of a winning bet on, and one of them is Dwayne Haskins who is a 5/1 shot to win that award this year.

Third Favourite Rookie to Win

It does look like is will be a tossup as to just which of the above two players will win the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award this season, however having studied the odds being offered on that betting market there is one other player that may just win it.

That player is Josh Jacobs, and whilst his odds of winning that awards are not as low as the two players named up above, they do indicate that he has a reasonable chance of winning it, and the odds I have seen being offered currently on him doing just that are 13/2.

Huge Odds on All Other Players

The odds are well into double figures on all other possible winners of the NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award betting market and as such let me now take a look at some of the other players whose chances of winning that award are not what you could ever call great.

You currently will find three players that are being offered with odds of 126/1 attached to them to win that award, and for reference they are Marquise Brown, Miles Sanders and TJ Hockenson, followed by three 18/1 shots those being David Montgomery, Mecole Hardman and N’Keal Harry

You can of course take your chances by betting on any player to win that award, however the risks of winning are certainly low for players such as DK Metcalf and Noah Fant both of who can be backed right now at high odds of 20/1, and the same can also be said for the current 22/1 shot that being Daniel Jones, checkout any of our featured betting sites for the odds attached to all other players.