About Us

In this section of our website I want to give you an insight into our team and just what exactly this website is all about, so please do read on and then feel free to take a good look round this site.

First and foremost this website has been designed and developed with American Football in mind and to allow anybody with a true passion for that sport who also enjoys placing bets and wager on any team and those who fancy betting on the team they think will win the Super Bowl in any year to get access to lots of up to date information.

Each day we update this website with all of the very latest NFL and Super Bowl betting news stories, and as such we will always be pointing you in the right direction as to just where the smart money is going on upcoming NFL matches.

However, when you do want to place a bet online or when using your mobile phone, which let’s face it is much easier than betting in person in a sportsbook or betting shop, you do need to have an idea as to just which betting sites are the ones you should be making use of.

Therefore we have fully check out each of the major betting sites, bookies and sportsbooks all of whom do offer both an online and mobile betting platforms and app and will be giving you an insight into just which ones you should be placing your best and wagers at.

We have also been able to negotiate some exclusive sign up welcome bonuses at each of those betting sites and betting apps, and as such if you fancy making use of any of them simply click through our links to get to their websites, as that way you will instantly qualify for each sign up bonus you fancy claiming.

American Football Bets and Wagers Types 

You are always going to go on something of a very sharp learning curve when you start betting on any sporting events and sporting fixtures that you may never have bet on before.

Once again to help each of our website visitors get their heads around some of the many unique types of bets and wagers that can be placed on the sport of American Football our team of writers will be giving you an overview of the bets and wager types that offer you the best value.

Also do keep your eyes peeled for our daily betting news stories, for our team and very well versed at spotting any betting opportunities that are available that offer the very best value, and will always be very eager to showcase them to you each day of the week.

You are always able to make contact with us if you do want to make any suggestions as to how we can make this website even better, and you can of course leave your own comments on any of our new stories guides and reviews too.