Atlanta Falcons

One NFL team that are certainly not short of supports is of course the Atlanta Falcons who are based in Atlanta, Georgia and play their home matches at the impressive looking Mercedes-Benz Stadium that holds a huge number of supports, that being a total of 71,000.

With the Atlanta Falcons having been around since 1953 they do have plenty of history surrounding them regarding their form in past seasons of the NFL and in this guide, I will be looking at several betting opportunities available on them this upcoming season.

As for some facts and figures about the Atlanta Falcons their team colours are red, black and silver and the current owner is Arthur Blank and their head coach is the highly talented Dan Quinn and many sports bettors do fancy their chances this season in the South Division of the National Football Conference.

The team nickname is The Dirty Birds and over the many years of the teams existence they have had a total of three different home fields those being the Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium from 1966 until 1991, the Georgia Dome which they moved to in 1992 until 2016 and then in 2017 they moved to their current home field that being the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

As for their chances of winning the NFC Champion and their chances of being crowned the Superbowl winner this season, well please do read on for I will be revealing their respective chances and odds in those two competitions.

Atlanta Falcons NFC Championship Betting

How do you fancy the chance of the Atlanta Falcons winning the NFC Championship this upcoming season? Well, if they do hit a run of good form and start to win plenty of matches there is of course the very real chance they could be crowned champions.

But having looked at the odds that are available on them doing so, before the season starts, there is a lot of different between the odds that are being touted on them doing so, and as such you need to spend some time comparing the odds currently available on the futures betting markets.

As for the average odds available on them being crowned the top team this coming season, those odds are 16/1, so if you do spot a betting site offering higher odds than 16/1 on their futures betting market then those odds are going to be worth taking.

You can of course bet on the Atlanta Falcons to win the NFC Championship once the season begins and at any time during the season, instead of betting on them before the season starts, but there is always a risk the odds will be much lower once the season does begin.

As for just where you should be placing bets on any teams you think will win the NFC Championship this coming season or when you want to bet on any NFC match during the season, there is a lot to like about the betting markets and odds that will be coming your way and made available to you at GT Bets, so do check that sportsbook out is my advice.

Atlanta Falcons Superbowl LIV Odds

How do you rate the chances of the Atlanta Falcons winning the Superbowl in 2020? Well, if you do think that are going to get through to the final and win it many betting sites are offering via their futures betting markets odds as high as 33/1.

Those odds may start to drop obviously if lots of sports bettors do bet on them to win the every next Superbowl, and those odds will certainly start to drop if that teams do play right up to their very best form in the upcoming NFL season too.

There are also going to be other betting opportunities on the Superbowl LIV futures betting markets and one bet you can play is an each-way bet which is a simple two part bet which covers your team to win the next Superbowl but will also award a percentage of the win odds to you on the place part of such a bet if your team gets throw to the Superbowl final.

But always pay attention to the each-way betting terms as some betting sites will give you one half of the win odds if your team wins or loses the Superbowl final on the place part of your each-way bets and they are the best each-way betting terms I have seen being offered by any betting sites so do keep that in mind of you intend placing such a bet!