Baltimore Ravens vs Miami Dolphins

I know what you might be thinking, week one of the next NFL season is quite some time away, but that does mean there is going to be plenty of time for you to place your bets and wagers on that match.

However, with some betting sites already offering their own unique set of odds on that NFL match and as there isn’t too many sports bettors currently betting on it, with some shopping around you could bag some rather generous odds on that match.

As for the way that American Football match is likely to end, well looking at the current set of odds being offered from many different betting sites and sportsbooks it appears that the Baltimore Ravens are faced with something of an easy task of winning it, as all the bookies I have checked out have them firmly chalked up as the favourites to win that match.

Without too much effort you should quite easily be able to secure betting odds of around the 1/2 mark on the Baltimore Ravens winning that match, and keep in mind that those odds could drop quite significantly later, so to secure them the onus is on you to bet early.

There is of course the chance that you may just prefer the chances of the underdogs winning that match, and if so then look out for betting sites that have the Miami Dolphins chalked up on their futures betting markets at odds of at least 7/4, for those odds are decent and are worth taking at this early stage of the betting.

Just so you know, this match is scheduled to kick off on the 8th of September 2019, and with that in mind let me now move onto giving you some ideas as to just which betting sites are going to be worth betting at.

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