Best NFL Week One Futures Money Lines

It may seem like a strange thing to do, that being starting to hunt around right now for the best valued money lines on the Week One matches in the NFL, however believe me, if you do set about doing so today you are going to find some tempting money lines on offer.

With that in mind, I have picked out a range of NFL matches that I do think offer the very best betting market and the money lines that you will find showcased to you are available out there right now at many of our feature betting sites.

The first match in play in week one of the NFL is the Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers match, and the best money lines I have seen being offered currently on that match are the Chicago Bears at 8/15 and the Green Bay Packers at 6/4, and it is of course the former team that is expected to win that match.

The Carolina Panthers @ Los Angeles Rams match in week one of the NFL this upcoming season is an interesting match, however my money will be going on the Los Angeles Rams as they should be able to beat the 0Pnathers that week and the money lines currently available on the Rams for reference are 8/13.

Minnesota Vikings @ Atlanta Falcons

The Minnesota Vikings @ Atlanta Falcons match is one that must surely go the way of the Vikings, and that is a view that most sportsbooks share and as such the money lines available on that match are rather one sided to say the least.

However, as the Vikings do look such a fair bet to win that match the 1/2 money lines that plenty of bookies are offering on their week one NFL futures betting markets should be valuable enough for plenty of punter sot be tempted dot take them.

Other Value Packed NLF Week One Money Lines

The Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City Chiefs match does look like it will be a close run match and its very fair and true to say either team could come out on top and win that match, and as such look out for sportsbooks that have money lines offering the Jaguars at 17/10 and the Chiefs are 1/2 as those are by far the best futures money lines currently available on that match.

Regarding the New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills match I think you will be best advised placing a bet on the Jets to win that match and the money lines do give you a  very clear insight into just what their realistic chance of winning that match are, and those money lines on the Jets are around 4/7/.

A money line bet on the Cleveland Browns is what you should be placing in their week one NFL match against the Tennessee Titans, but do not expect use money lines odds as the ones currently on offer are 2/5, but they are expected to win that match and quite easily too.