Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets

With months away until the start of this years NFL season, many punters are taking a break from their American Football betting activities, however for those that are prepared to try and make sense of the first week of NFL action, there is some betting value to be had.

As the full schedule of matches that are going to be played off in week one of the upcoming season, several betting sites have already put together a range of betting opportunities on each of those matches, and one match that you may fancy betting on at this extremely early stage of the betting is the Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets match.

Just keep in mind that there is no telling just what form those two teams will be in when the season kicks off, however the odds on the futures betting markets will certainly give you an insight  into just what other sports bettors do think will be the most likely result of that match.

The underdogs based solely on the early betting patterns on this match are the Buffalo Bills which is reflected by the fact many betting sites that are offering futures betting markets on this match have them listed at win odds of 8/5.

Therefore, if you do want to follow the early money it should of course be the New York Jets you are backing, but do not take odds any lower than 4/7, for those odds are the generally available ones right now and plenty of bookies and sportsbook do have them listed as the 4/7 favourites to win that match.

The Maximum NFL Betting Opportunities

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