Buffalo Bills

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Buffalo Bills

It was way back on October the 28th 1959 that the Buffalo Bills team was established and the following year was the one when they played in their very first season.

As for where they play their current home matches it is over at the New Era Field stadium where they play, which has been their home since 1973, prior to that it was at the War Memorial Stadium they played up until their final match in 1972.bet on the buffalo bills


From 1960 until 1969 they played in the American Football League and in the Eastern Division and then moved over to the National Football League from 1970 onwards and in the American Football Conference in the AFC East Division from that year onwards.

Team Colours, Song and Mascot

A rather patriot set of team colours are associated with the Buffalo Bills which are royal blue, red, white and navy blue and the team song is Shout and their team mascot is of course Billy Buffalo!

Where to Bet on the Buffalo Bills

For those of you that do fancy betting on the Buffalo Bills at any point in the NFL season, well you are never going to go short of betting sites that will be offering you odds on each of their scheduled matches this season.

However, one betting site at which I just know you are going to get offered a fair set of odds on each match scheduled in the season ahead is BetFred, whose odds compilers do have something of a passion for offering a wide range of different betting opportunities on American Football in addition to their standard mat betting markets.


Keep in mind though that it will be the form the Buffalo Bills at any point in the season that will ultimately determine the odds and money lines that will be on offer to you, but to be fair to BetFred they will always be offering you a fair set of odds no matter which of their betting markets you wish to make use of

One type of bet that has become increasingly popular with fans of NFL is an Acca bet, and when placing such a bet you are tasked with picking out any number of American Football teams which can of course include the Buffalo Bills that you think will win their upcoming matches.

As long as each team you select wins then the winnings and stake from each selection named on that bet rolls over to the next team. 

The American name for such a bet is a Parlay bet and it is one on which you have the chance of winning some very large amounts of cash dependent on the stake you wager, the number of teams you select to win each match and the odds attached to each team too!

Will the Buffalo Bills Win Super Bowl LIV?

It is going to be on the futures betting markets that you will be best advised to bet on the Buffalo Bills and do so sooner rather than later if you want to make use of some of the highest odds available on them winning the Super Bowl LIV in 2020.

As for what their chances are though, well it is fair to say they are one of the rank outsiders to win, and the best odds available are around the 80/1 mark, but keep in mind as soon as the season does start this year those odds are going to start to fluctuate and quite wildly too.

Those odds do give you something of an idea s to whether the Buffalo Bills will win the next Super Bowl, however if you are an avid fan of the team then those odds are there for the taking, but they will start to drop if they do have a good season, which is something I will leave up to you to decide whether they will or not.

You are of course going to be able to bet on the Buffalo Bills to win each any of their upcoming matches in the NFL too and there is also going to be the chance for you to back them to lose any match too!

To be able to lay your own odds on the Buffalo Bills to win any match or to win the Super Bowl too you will need to sign up to a betting exchange, at which you can then offer other punters any odds you feel are going to tempt them to place a bet with you.