Carolina Panthers

Part and parcel of you being a successful sports bettor when it comes to betting on NFL matches, is obtaining a deep insight into every single team in the NFL and then trying to work out what their respective winning chances are going to be in the season ahead too.

This guide is going to be looking at the Carolina Panthers in a bit more detail and will also be revealing their current odds on the futures betting markets but be aware that they are one of the four teams that play in the South Division of the National Football Conference.

The place the team is based is of course in Charlotte, North Carolina and the home field of that team is called the Bank of America Stadium which has a huge capacity of some 75,523 people too.

It may surprise you to learn that the Carolina Panthers were formed only relatively recently in 1993 and their first season was in 1995 but having said that through the strong leadership of the owner that being David Tepper and the stewardship of their head coach that currently being Ron Riviera they are a team that have had some good form under their belt for sure.

The Carolina Panthers play in the team colours of black, panther blue and silver and their team mascot is Sir Purr!

Unlike some other NFL teams they haven’t had a large number of home fields over the years, however they did play at the Memorial Stadium in their very first season that being 1995 and then in 1996 they moves to their current home field at which they have played ever since which is, as mentioned up above the Bank of America Stadium.

Carolina Panthers NFC Championship Betting

Some NFC teams are going to be on offer at very low odds to win the NFC Championship this season, even if you are prepared to back them before the season starts, and you will be able to bet on any team if you make use of what are known as the futures betting markets all betting sites will have on offer to their customers.

However, when it comes to betting on teams such as the Carolina Panthers on such early betting markets, what you are going to find is that many sportsbooks do not rate their chance of winning the NFC Championship and as such will be offering you some high odds on them doing so.

As for just how high those odds are going to be, well it will always be a case of you having to shop around and compare the odds available at several different online sportsbooks, but generally they are being offered before the season starts at odds of around 25/1.

Keep in mind that there are risks attached to betting on the futures betting markets associated with the NFC Championship, for if a team does then go on to do well in the season ahead their odds of winning the NFC Championship will increase during the season, but the opposite is also true too.

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Carolina Panthers Superbowl LIV Odds

Quite a number of sports bettors have already started placing their bets and wagers on the teams they think have the greatest chance of winning the next Superbowl, even though that Superbowl which is the Superbowl LIV will not be played until 2020!

The odds that you can secure on teams such as the Carolina Panthers can often be huge if you are willing to bet on them to win the Superbowl at this very early stage of the betting and those odds are going to be around the 50/1 mark too.

When you bet each-way though on the Superbowl LIV 2020 betting markets you can also place an each-way bet which covers your team to win the Superbowl or make it to the final game too, but always check to see what percentage of the win odds are attached to such betting opportunities to get the best odds and pay-outs possible!