Chicago Bears

Based on the form of any American Football team throughout the season there may come a time when you fancy placing a bet on any of them, and this guide is going to be taking a close look at the Chicago Bears.

They are one of four NFL teams that are in the North Division of the National Football Conference, and to be fair they do have plenty of fans who do watch them play their home games in Chicago, Illinois at the Soldier Field which can indeed hold plenty of spectators, in fact it has a capacity of some 61,500 fans of the sport.

The Chicago Bears have been around since 1920 for it was on the 17th of September in that year the team was founded, and with a very distinctive navy blue, burnt orange, and white set of team colours, and with the fight song Bear Down, Chicago Bears and with the mascot Staley Da Bear, they are a team that does have some very loyal fans.

It is Virginia Halas McCaskey that owns the team and the team is trained by the head coach that being Matt Nagy, and fans of that team will know them much more affectionally by one of their two nicknames those being Da Bears or The Monsters of the Midway!

Having been around since 1920 they have swapped and changed their home field many times, and the ones they have called home over the decades include the Staley Field, the Wrigley Field, the Memorial Stadium and since the year 2002 they have played all of their home matches at their current home field that being the Soldier Field.

Chicago Bears NFC Championship Betting

The savviest sports bettors out there that have the urge to place a bet on any NFL team to win the NFC Championship are going to be placing their bets not during the season but before the season, as that way they are going to find the odds attached to each team quite attractive to say the least!

If you think that it will be the Chicago Bears that will win the NFC Championship then another tip I can pass onto you to ensure that you are always going to be offered and can secure the very highest odds on them doing is, is to shop around and check out the betting markets on the NFC Championship at several different betting sites.

If that team does start the season in excellent form and continues to do so throughout the season, then the odds offered on the futures betting markets are going to have been much higher than the odds that will be on offer once the season is in full flow and may not be as high as they were!

Many betting sites will of course be offering you a futures betting market and will have odds attached to all sixteen teams that are playing in the NFC Championship, and as far as to the odds currently available on those futures betting markets on the Chicago Bears, they are around the 8/1 mark.

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Chicago Bears Superbowl LIV Odds

I think it is fair to say that if you fancy the chance of the Chicago Bears winning the Superbowl LIV, then you have a fair chance of success.

As for what the early betting markets often known as futures betting markets on the very next Superbowl show us, well as many of the are offering odds of around the 16/1 mark, you have a fair chance of success betting on them to win the Superbowl in 2020.

However, those odds are going to wildly fluctuate of course when the season starts and therefore do be prepared to place a bet on them before the season does start to bag those high odds as they will start to drop if the Chicago Bears start to play well throughout the season.

Some betting sites offer each-way betting opportunities on all teams and will pay out at half the win odds on the place part of those bets if they make it to the final but lose, so do consider placing an each-way bet!