Cookie Policy


Much like all other websites this one uses cookies to enable us to give you a much more tailored and hopefully much more enjoyable experience when you make use of our website, and with that in mind I would like to now run through just what cookies are and why we use them on this website too.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a simple text file that our server is going to place onto your computer or your mobile device that will give us an indication that you have visited this website.

Those cookies are not going to identify you personally but will allow us to see which part of the worlds you are visiting our website from and also the sections of the website you have visited.

Our Website Cookies

By using cookies on this website we are then going to be able to see which sections of our website are getting the most visits from users of this site and will then allow us to compile more information based on just which topics our website visitors are eager to make use of.

Those cookies will also allow us to present to you articles guides, new stories and reviews base on the topics that you have searched for and thus will allow us to present to you a much more tailored and enjoyable website visiting experience.

Third Party Website Cookies

You should also be aware that we may use third party website cookies upon this website, and that is often going to be something we do when we have banner or text links to any third party websites that are offering any promotional offers and deals to our website visitors.

Those third party websites cookies allow us and those third party website operators to track your movement from this website to their website and that in turn will then enable them to credit you with any promotional offers you may have seen displayed on this website.

How to Remove Cookies

At all times you can remove any cookies that our server has placed onto your computer or mobile device, but be aware that on any subsequent visits this website another cookie will be placed onto your computer or mobile device.

As there are so many different web browsers if you do wish to remove cookies placed onto your device then please look up how to do so, as they way you do so can differ dependent on just which web browser you have chosen to use.

Also be aware that as cookies allow this website to operate as intended, if you choose to not accept cookies when visiting this website then certain sections of this website may not work as intended and may not be displayed correctly.

It is always your decision however whether to accept cookies or not when using this website and as mentioned above you are always more than welcome to either delete cookies we have placed to onto your at any time or set your web browser to not accept cookies either.