Dallas Cowboys

It is over in Arlington, Texas at the huge AT&T Stadium that holds some 80,000 spectators that you will find the Dallas Cowboys playing all their home matches, and they are of course an NFL team that plays in the East Division of the National Football Conference.

The team was formed in 1960 and the team colours are navy blue, silver, royal blue and white and as for the team’s mascot well that is the character is known as Rowdy. The owner, president and the general manager of the team is Jerry Jones and he has nominated Jason Garrett as the current head coach.

Much like all other NFL teams the Dallas Cowboys doers have a nickname, in fact they have several of them including America’s Team, Doomsday Defense, The ‘Boys and Big D.

As they have been around for many decades now, it will probably not surprise you to learn they have swapped and changed their home  fields many time, the first one they played at was from 1960 through to and including 1971 and that was the Cotton Bowl, they then moved to the Texas Stadium in 1971 and stayed and played there until 2008 and then in 2009 they moved to their current home that being the AT&T Stadium as mentioned above.

I will now move onto giving you some insight into the many different betting opportunities that are going to be available to you before and during the NFL season, just in case you fancy betting on the Dallas Cowboys, which many of you out there are bound to want to do at some point.

Dallas Cowboys NFC Championship Betting

Long before the season starts you should be considering at the very least placing a bet on just which team you think has a good chance of winning the NFC Championship as many betting sites will have a futures betting market open and available.

As for the chances of the Dallas Cowboys winning the NFC Championship in 2019-20, based on the early betting they do have a very good chance of doing just that, and the odds that each betting site will be offering you will of course be different.

However, I have taken a look at several different betting sites and they are all offering odds, at this early stage in the betting of around the 10/1 mark, and as such you should be actively seeking out a betting site that is offering odds of that value, or if you can find one a sportsbook that is offering you odds higher than 10/1.

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They will not only be offering you odds on all teams that are taking part in the NFC Championship this season but they are also going to be offering you odds on each individual match in the season too, so do check out their website for a full overview of their betting opportunities.

Dallas Cowboys Superbowl LIV Odds

As soon as one Superbowl final is played off you will find many betting sites are then going to start offering odds on the next one! So, if you do fancy the chances of any team winning the next one you can start betting on them to do so at any time.

As for the chances of the Dallas Cowboys winning the Superbowl LIV in 2020, well it will be dependent on just which betting site you choose to place your bets at, for the odds compilers at each sportsbook will be offering different odds on that team to win that Superbowl of course.

The generally available odds right now on the Dallas Cowboys winning that Superbowl are 20/1 but be prepared to spend some time comparing the odds available as you will want to bag the highest possible odds if you are prepared to back them on the futures betting markets.

Also do keep in mind that many betting sites are going to be offering you the chance of betting each-way, which means you are going to be placing two bets when you place such a bet, one half of the bet covers the team you choose to win the Superbowl, and the other half covers that team to make it to the final, and you will find plenty of sites will offer you half of the win odds on the second bet you place.