Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders

As soon as the 2019 week one NFL match schedule was announced, sports fans the world over were then in a  position to try and work out which teams would win those NFL week one matches, and could also start to place long term bets on any of them that did catch their eye too.

As you are probably aware, the Denver Broncos are going to be playing against the Oakland Raiders in the first week of this years NFL season, and to be fair to both teams it does look like it is going to be a fairly hard match to try and work out the result.

That isn’t to say you are not going to be able to get some decent odds on whichever of those two teams you do think is going to win that week one match, for I am sure you will have your own opinion as to just which team will come out on top and win that match.

As for the current state of the futures betting markets on that match, well I have taken a quick look around this morning to see what are the best odds available on both teams, and as such have discovered that most bookies have the Denver Broncos on offer at odds of 15/13 to win that match.

As for just what odds you are going to be able to secure on the Oakland Raiders, well the odds of 3/4 are generally available right now, and as you can see, there isn’t much separating both teams on those early betting markets currently.

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