Denver Broncos

The West division of the American Football Conference is where you will find the Denver Broncos playing, and as their name does imply, they are based in Denver in Colorado.

With a huge home field that being the Broncos Stadium at Mile High which when full can hold a total of 76,125 spectators, there is always a good chance you will find tickets available when they are playing any upcoming home American Football matches.

This guide is going to be looking at the betting opportunities that will be available to you not only once the NFL season has started, but also before the season starts on the futures betting markets too.

However, I will give you a little bit of additional information before I look at their odds of winning the American Football Conference and the Super Bowl too.

As for when the team itself was formed, that was back in the year Current season 1959, and their team colours are orange, navy blue and white with the owner of the club being the Pat Bowlen Trust and their head coach being Vic Fangio they are a team that does have plenty of fans.

With something of an unusual mascot that being a real live horse that being Thunder II they have, over the years, had a total of three home fields, the first being the DU Stadium in which they played in 1960 then the same year they moved over to the Mile High Stadium until 200 and in 2001 they moved to their current home field that being the Broncos Stadium at Mile High.

Denver Broncos AFC Championship Betting

You will of course have the option of betting on the Denver Broncos long before the NFL season starts this year and you can place a bet on them winning the American Football Conference outright.

If you do fancy having a long term bet on them to be crowned the top team in the American Football Conference  then as far as just what odds you should be looking to secure, I would urge you not to take odds below 33/1, as many betting sites are offering those odds on them winning the AFC this year.

You are also going to have the opportunity of betting on them when they season starts to win the AFC but you are also going to be able to back them to win each individual match they are scheduled to play in the season ahead but once again to get the very best valued I would urge you to shop around from betting site to betting site to get the best odds available.

As for just which betting sites come highly recommended, I would suggest you take a look at any of the featured betting sites showcased and fully reviewed throughout this website, as each of them do come highly recommended and offer all of their customers not only the best NFL odds and the widest range of NFL related betting markets too but they are all fats paying online and mobile sportsbooks too.

Denver Broncos Super Bowl LIV Odds

The next Super Bowl will, like all others, be one of the biggest betting events in the U.S sports calendar and that does of course mean that there are always going to be plenty of gamblers and fans of NFL that are prepared to take their chances on the Denver Broncos to win that major sporting event.

If you do feel that the Denver Broncos are going to win the Superbowl LIV then you should always be prepared to back them to do so as soon as you possibly can do, for the odds on any team winning the Superbowl are going to be at their highest long before the season starts.

Now, I think it is very fair and true to say that the Denver Broncos are not one of the most fancied teams to win the Superbowl, and therefore if you do fancy backing them to win then you are guaranteed to be offered some large odds no matter where you choose to place such a bet.

The bets odds I have seen on the futures betting market for the Denver Broncos to win are 66/1, but keep in mind that it will always be the volume of money that comes in and is bet on any team that will ultimately affect their odds, so to secure odds that high make sure that you place your bets sooner rather than later.