Detroit Lions

Everybody that is an avid fan of American Football will no doubt have one team they like to follow and will probably also enjoy backing financially whenever they have a match scheduled to take place.

As part of my series of guides on each NFL team, this one is going to be revealing to you all manner of facts and figures relating to the Detroit Lions, who you are probably more than aware of are one of the four teams that make up the North Division of the National Football Conference.

They are based in Detroit, Michigan and it is at the Ford Field that they play all of their home matches, and with a capacity of some 65,000 spectators that is a far sized stadium and one that many of their fans will religiously pay a visit to whenever they are playing at home.

1930 was the year when the team was founded and as for the current owner and head coach of the Detroit Lions, they are Martha Firestone Ford and Matt Patricia.

All NFL teams do of course have their own set of team colours and the that this team play in are Honolulu blue and silver, their fight song is of course Gridiron Heroes and their mascots are Roary the Lion and Theo “Gridiron” Spight.

Five different home fields have been used by the Detroit Lions over the years, starting with the Universal Stadium and then the University of Detroit Stadium, they later played at the Tiger Stadium followed by the Pontiac Silverdome and in 2002 that was the year they moved into their current home field that being the Ford Field.

Detroit Lions NFC Championship Betting

Long before the season starts, betting sites are going to be offering you all manner of weird and wonderful betting opportunities on all sixteen teams that are going to be playing in the NFC, and the odds you will be offered at each betting site for any team to win the NFC Championship will of course vary too.

Now, as for whether the Detroit Lions are in with a chance of winning the NFC Championship in the season ahead, well let’s just say they are not one of the red-hot favourites to do so, in fact they are one of the outsiders, and as such that does of course mean the odds you will be offered before the season begins will be high and very tempting to say the least.

Many betting site odds compilers are of the mind that they have no chance what so ever of being crowned the top team in the NFC Championship ion the season ahead, and I have seen quite a lot of them offering odds on the Detroit Lions as high as 50/1.

But please do keep in mind as mentioned, the odds available before the season starts on the Detroit Lions winning the NFC Championship are going to vary and as such be prepared to spend as much time as you need comparing the odds available at different online and mobile sportsbooks to ensure you get the highest possible odds.

There are of course come bookies and sportsbooks that are famed for always offering their customers the very highest odds and plenty of other NFL related bets and wagers, and one site I can recommend that you check out is the BetOnline betting site.

Detroit Lions Superbowl LIV Odds

I am going to leave it up to you as to whether you do fancy placing a bet on the Detroit Lions to win the very next Superbowl, that being the Superbowl LIV, but if you do fancy doing so consider the benefits of betting on the futures betting markets many betting sites currently have available to their customers.

By doing so right now and before the season starts you are going to find odds on offer of around 100/1 on that team winning that Superbowl, and if you think they will make it to the final but may not win it you can always place something known as an each-way bet at many betting sites too.

An each-way bet will be made up of two bets the first one covers your chosen NFL team to win the Superbowl and the second part of that bet pays out at a percentage of the win odds, often one half of the win odds if your team makes it to the Superbowl final, so if you want to place such a bet there are more than enough betting sites offering them.