Early Favourites to Win Each Division of the NFL

How do you fancy placing an eight-team parlay bet before the regular NFL season gets underway? Well that if that something you do want to set about doing, you can of course do so at any betting site, and you could be tempted to place such a bet on the teams that you think will be crowned the champions of each individual division of the NFL for the 2019 season.

Each of those division does of course have an early favourite to win each of them and today I will rattle through the teams which are, at this very early stage of the betting, attracting the most support from sports bettors.

In the AFC East Division for example it is New England who look like they have the very best chance of winning that division this season if their current 1/5 win odds are anything to go by, and over in the AFC North Division it is Cleveland at 6/5 who are heading that divisions betting market.

As for the likely champion team of the AFC South you will get a good run for your money out of backing Houston who are a solid bet at 7/5 and it would be something of a major shock if Kansas City did win the AFC West Division.

2019 NFC East Division Likely Champions

You can get odds on Dallas of 2/1 to be the NFC East Division champions this season, however they are the second favourite right now for there is much more money pouring in of Philadelphia   who have been installed as the 8/13 favourite, which is a much safer bet than Dallas it does have to be said.

It is Chicago that many punters have their eyes on as the most likely winner of the NFC North Division, and by backing hem right now the odds are as good as they are likely to get if they go on to win their next matches, and for reference those odds are 8/5.

NFC South Division and NFC West Division

You will of course need to see each of the teams you back on any NFL related parlay bet winning for you to have placed a winning bet, and over in the NFC South Division one team that is looking good and is likely tow in the division title this upcoming season is New Orleans, and those punters backing hem right now should have no difficulties being able to secure odds of 4/7.

Finally we move onto the most likely team to win the NFC West Division, and if you are a fan of NFL it will be no surprise at all to learn that the team that most punters and pinning their hopes on in that division are Los Angeles Rams, but obviously with plenty of punters backing them their odds are not want you would ever call overly generous, but for referenced those odds are 8/13, which should help boost the pay-out value of a parlay bet if they do go on to win.