Final Week of the NFL 2019 Season Week 17 Schedule

The last week of the 2019 NFL Regular Season matches are listed below and being the last week of the main season you will have one last chance to hopefully lock in a winning profit from all your NFL betting exploits that week.

There is something to a change to the usual schedule however in Week 17, for instead of having one match scheduled for Thursday of that week and the majority of matches being played off on Saturday, all matches are scheduled to take place at some point on Sunday the 29th of December.

As such you should try and place your bets in good time for those matches starting, unless of course you fancy placing a bet on the in-play and live betting markets, which by the way ever single one of our featured and top rated betting sites do offer their customers.

Sunday 29th of December 2019 NFL Week 17 Schedule

The first set of matches sin Week 17 are going to be starting at 1:10pm ET and there are certainly plenty of matches that you will need to study if you fancy placing a bet on any of those early starting matches.

Those matches for reference are the Steelers @ Ravens, Jets @ Bill, Falcons @ Buccaneers, Eagles @ Giants. Saints @ Panthers, Browns @ Bengals, Redskins @ Cowboys, Packers @ lions, Titans @ Texans, Colts @ Jaguars, Chargers @ Chiefs, Bears @ Vikings, and the Dolphins @ Patriots matches.

The next matches that will be starting a little later in the day on Week 17 on Sunday the 29th of December 2019 will be starting at 4:25pm ET and those matches are the Raiders @ Broncos match and the Cardinals @ Rams match along with the 49ers @ Seahawks match too.

Turn Your Attention of the 2020 NFL Season

As soon as each of the above matches have finished the in-play betting markets will also be closed too, however it will be at that point in time that many betting sites are then going to turn their attention to the 2020 NFL season.

As such do not be too surprised if you do come across plenty of betting sites that are going to be offering you odds on all NFL teams regarding their chances of winning next season.

Just keep in mind though the there is also the Super Bowl to look forward too, and there will as you would expect, be more than enough betting site offering you all manner of weird and wonderful betting opportunities on the Super Bowl.

With that in mind never be in too much of a rush to place a bet on the Super Bowl, for it can and often does pay dividends regarding much better and higher valued odds and money lines if you shop around at several different betting sites and betting apps to find out which are offering you plenty of betting value on any Super Bowl relate betting markets that they are offering you.