Follow the Smart Money Betting on the Super Bowl LIV

There can be a lot to be said about following the smart money on certain betting opportunities attached to certain sporting events, and with the Super Bowl LIV fast approaching, today I am going to be looking at some teams that are being backed by savvy punters right now.

Obviously the following odds are going to start to fluctuate at this season NFL matches are played off, but if you can spot the team that does go on to win the Super Bowl LIV you will get a decent pay-out by bagging the odds available right now.

If you rate any of the outsiders to win the Super Bowl LIV  then you are going to be surprised at just how high the odds attached to each of the rank outsiders are, however their realistic chance of winning the Super Bowl LIV  are going to be very low of course.

However, at the top of the current early betting markets there are three teams that are by far and away attracting the most support form punters and they are the NE Patriots at 10/3, followed by the KC Chiefs who are a 5/1 shit and then the LA Rams who can be backed early at odds of 7/1.

Betting Each-Way on the Super Bowl LIV

There Are many punters that have been mopping up the generous early odds that are available on the Super Bowl LIV buy are backing teams each-way to reduce their chances of a complete loss, and that is something most bookies will be offering you by the way.

When betting each-way on any sporting event you should be making a point of placing any such bets at bookies offering the best each-way betting terms, which for reference on the Super Bowl LIV are one half of the win odds being paid out to the final two teams that make is through to that all important game.

More Teams Punters Are Backing

There is always the chance that a team that wasn’t high up on the early betting markets could go on to win the next Super Bowl, and I for one will not put you off betting on any team you think could just do that.

Therefore if you are thinking about backing teams like the NO Saints then make sure you get odds of at least 10/1 or if you are of the mind that it will be teams such as the DAL Cowboys will f go on to win the Super Bowl IV then look out for betting site offering odds right now of at the very least 11/1.

As for the chance of teams like the GB Packers, they are currently around the  12/1 mark and you can get odds as high as 18/1 or even higher if you shop around on teams such as the BAL Ravens, HOU Texans and MIN Vikings, or even secure odds right now of 20/1 on the CHI Bears, LA Chargers and PHI Eagles instead.