Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

This year’s NFL season will be kicking off on the 6th of September, and the two teams that have been chosen as the two teams that will be playing the very first match of the season are the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears.

In what promises to be a very interesting match from a betting point of view, there is no doubt in my mind many punters will be aiming to bet on that match, with the obvious hope they can get their betting activities this season off to a winning start.

However, as is always the case with such matches, you are going to have to spend quite some time hunting around if you are to guarantee yourself of securing the very highest valued odds on the team you are hoping will win that match.

With all of the above in mind, allow me to give you some idea of just where the smart money is going currently on that match and I will also be taking a look below at just which sportsbooks are going to be worth your time and effort signing up to if you are on the hunt for a new betting site at which to bet at.

Predictions for the Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears Match

Looking at the current state of the early betting markets on this match, I think it’s safe to say that the Green Bay Packers are the underdogs to win that match, and that is reflected by the fact that you will find odds readily available on them winning that match of around the 7/4 mark.

The smart money however has already been pouring in by punters prepared to bet nice and early on the Chicago Bears to win that match and the odds that are generally available at this rather early stage of the betting on that match are 6/11, and it is the Chicago Bears I expected to win that match.

Where to Bet on the Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears Match

It isn’t going to take you very long to find a betting site that will be offering you odds on the Green Bay Packer vs Chicago Bears match, however as a savvy sports bettor you should always be prepared to spend some time checking and comparing the odds available.

What I would also advise you to do is to make a point of looking at just what each betting site is going to be offering you as one of their new customers, for that way you can often lock in additional betting value if you do sign up to any sites offering higher than average sign up bonuses.

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