Half Time NFL Match Betting – 13th October 2019

What you may be unaware of is that if you sign up to some of our featured betting sites such as GT Bets, you are going to have the option of placing a bet on any upcoming NFL match, and pick out the team that you think will be leading at the half way mark of those matches.

All NFL matches are covered by the half time betting market at that betting site, and there is of course nothing stopping you from betting on any team to be leading at half time and backing that team to win at the full-time mark too.

As for the odds that you are going to be offered, well below I have highlighted a range of NFL matches that are going to be in play on the 13th of October 2019, and will be letting you know what the odds on each team are of leading at half time.

The Cincinnati vs Baltimore match is sure to be of interest to plenty of you out there, and if you fancy Cincinnati will be leading at half time you can bet on them doing so at odds of around 11/4, however the stand out bet must be for Baltimore to be in the lead at half time, and their 2/7 odds of doing so will show you just how fancied they are to be in the lead at half time.

Kansas City Should be Leading at Half Time

When you look at the make up of the Houston vs Kansas City match it is hard to see any other outcome at the halfway point than the latter named team being in the lead.

That is obviously a view shared by many bookies too, for the bets odds I have so far seen being offered on Kansas City to be in the lead at half time are 4/9, but those odds are very reasonable and fair all things considered.

Minnesota are Worth a Punt

Another match that isn’t going to take you much time to try and work out just which team will be leading at half time and probably at the full-time stage of the game to is the Philadelphia vs Minnesota match.

It is of course Minnesota that I am tipping up to be leading at half time and the odds you can secure right now on that outcome are 4/7, and you can of course put each of the teams I have so far listed to lead at half time in a parlay type of bet if you so desire.

One more match for your half time parlay bet is the Washington vs Miami match that will be in play on the 13th of this month, and it is Washington I am convinced are going to blast into an early lead and will also BE leading at half time too and you can get odds of 1/2 on them doing just that currently over at the GT Bets betting site by the way.