Houston Texans

You will discover that in the South Division of the NFL’s American Football Conference there are four teams, the first of which is the Houston Texans, and with a name like that is wouldn’t surprise you to learn they are in Houston, Texas as for their home team that is the NRG Stadium and it can hold some 71,995 fans.

It can often pay dividends for you to learn a little bit more about any American Football teams, especially if you are planning on placing any number of bets on them, and as such let me first give you some background information on the Houston Texans and then move onto giving you an insight into some futures betting markets available on that team.

One thing that you do need to know about the Houston Texans is that they played their very first season back in the year 2002, and as such are not as established as some of the rival teams that they will be playing in the NFL this upcoming season.

The team colours for this team are deep steel blue, battle red and liberty white and as for their fight song that is God Bless Texas, and much like all other teams they do of course have their team mascot which is Toro.

There are two owners of the Houston Texans and they are Janice McNair and D. Cal McNair and it is the head coach Bill O’Brien that is tasked with getting the team in top form too, The NRG Stadium has been their only home field since 2002.

Houston Texans AFC Championship Betting

You will probably have your own ideas as to just which teams that you think will perform well in the NFL season ahead, and if you are of the mindset that the Houston Texans are going to have an outstanding season in the AFC then you should make a point of betting on them as soon as you possible can do.

By betting on them and ideally before the NFL season actually starts you are bound to find some very tempting and high odds on offer to you, and there are certainly come tempting odds on offer on that team available right now, but as always it will be totally dependent on just where you chose to place such bets as to how high the odds that you will be offered.

I have looked through many betting sites and sportsbooks today in the hunt for the very highest odds available on the Houston Texans being the top team in the AFC this season, and the best odds I have come across are 14/1.

Those odds are going to be available to you on the futures betting markets that all top rated betting sites are going to have live on their respective online and mobile betting platforms and apps, so if you do want to bet on them and guarantee you can get some decent odds then that is where you should be looking.

Houston Texans Super Bowl LIV Odds

There is of course always going to be the chance that the Houston Texans could end up making their way right through to the next Superbowl, and the next one that will be played is the Superbowl LIV, and you may feel that they are going to qualify for it and then go on to win it.

That is not as farfetched as you may believe, for looking at the early betting markets available on that event you will find many betting sites are offering odds of around 28/1 on them winning that Superbowl, so if you do fancy their chances then how about backing them right now.

What is going to help you lock in even more betting value is by you taking advantage of the sign-up bonuses offers that all our top-rated betting sites are going to be offering you if you sign up to their sites as a new customer.

When you couple those sign up bonuses with the generous odds being offered on not only the Houston Texans winning the Superbowl LIV you will get plenty of additional betting value, however always do read through the terms and conditions of any bonuses that you are thinking of claiming as that way you will know what you need to do to claim those bonuses some of which by the way are very high valued ones, so keep that in mind if you do fancy trying out a new betting site.