Indiana Colts @ Houston Texans First Touchdown Scorer Betting

Today I want to take a look at one of the much more unusual betting markets that you are going to come across at a handful of online and mobile betting sites, that being one on which you are tasked with trying to work out just which player will be the first touchdown scorer of a match.

With that in mind I have selected the Indiana Colts @ Houston Texans match as the one I want you to concentrate your efforts on, and below I am going to be revealing to you he odds that are generally being offered on players that may or may not be the very first one in the match to score a touchdown.

However, I should also point out that you may be of the mind that there will not be a touchdown scored in that match, and whilst it will be unusual for there not to be, bookies are going to be offering you odds on there being no touchdown scored, and the odds generally offered on that bet are 100/1.

You are also going to be able to place a bet on any Colts defensive player scoring the first touchdown of the match and the odds offered on that bet are around 33/1, and as for the odds on any Texans defensive player scoring the very first touchdown of the match, those odds are around 25/1.

Hopkins Favourite to Score the First Touchdown

The one player that many punters will be prepared to back to score the first touchdown in the upcoming Indiana Colts @ Houston Texans match is DeAndre Hopkins, in fact it would appear that plenty of punters have been backing him, for he is the current favourite to do so and he is available at most sportsbooks at odds of 6/1

There are three second favourites currently on this betting market, each of which you will find available at odds of 9/1 at most betting site and those players are for reference TY Hilton, Deshaun Watson and Carlos Hyde.

Other Fancied Players

‎You may of course have your own opinion and idea of just which player will be the one that is going to score the first touchdown in this match, and with that in mind I will not enlighten you on the odds attached to many other players.

Will Fuller and Nyheim Hines are both being offered at odds of around the 10/1 mark, and you will find odds of 11/1 are being offered on Zach Pascal and both Marlon Mack and Eric Ebron can be backed at some very respectable odds it does have to be said of 12/1.

As far as any other players that could be the one to score a touchdown first int his match, well three players have an ever so slight chance of doing so and they are Darren Fells who is 16/1 to do so and you will also be able to back the likes of Chester Rogers and Duke Johnson at odds of 18/1.