Indianapolis Colts

You are bound to want to have a financial interest in NFL teams as soon as the season starts, much more so if you are a fan of any one particular team, and to help you decide whether it will be worth placing a bet on one of the AFC teams, that of course being the Indianapolis Colts I have compiled the following guide on them.

Before I give you an insight into the current betting markets, I will give you something of an overview about the team itself, the team colours for the Indianapolis Colts are royal blue and white and their mascot is called Blue.

The team owner is Jim Irsay and the general manager is Chris Ballard and the man tasked with keeping the team fit and raring to play is Frank Reich.

Three different home fields have been the home of the Indianapolis Colts who played their first season back in 2953 and their current home field is in Indiana and it is the Lucas Oil Stadium which has a capacity of some 67,000.

The very first home field however was the Memorial Stadium and they played there from 1953 until 1983, the following year the relocated to the RCA Dome and played there from 1984 until 2007 and then it was in 2008 until the present day that all home matched were played at the Lucas Oil Stadium.

Indianapolis Colts AFC Championship Betting

It is in the AFC that the Indianapolis Colts play, and as such during the season you are going to find all betting sites and mobile betting apps are going to be offering you plenty of different betting markets and therefore lots of different betting opportunities on each match they are scheduled to play.

If you fancy placing a bet on them to win the AFC outright, then you are going to have two different ways of betting on them, the most basic bet you can place is a simple outright winner bet that you can place before the season starts or you can wait until the season has kicked off and take the odds being offered to you at the time of placing your bet.

However, the futures betting markets are where you are going to have some of the highest odds available and having checked out just what odds are being offered on the Indianapolis Colts to win the AFC outright this season, on the futures betting markets that are around the 15/2 mark.

You can of course also choose to back them each-way and when you do so you are going to be placing two bets in one, the first is an outright winner type of bet and as such if they do win the AFC you get paid out at the full odds you took.

The second part of an each-way bet covers them to finish in either first or second place, and if they fill either of those two top spots at the end of the season you are paid out at one half of the win odds you took when placing that type of bet.

Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl LIV Odds

Now there is always a chance that any team, such as the Indianapolis Colts could strike gold and manage to progress through to the Super Bowl, and due to that simple fact, you are always going to find plenty of betting sites that are going to be offering you odds on them doing just that.

Obviously as soon as the season starts, if that team start to win match after match then the sportsbooks odds compilers are going to start to lower their odds of progressing through to the Super Bowl, and as such what you should be doing is placing your bets as early as you possibly can do, and well before the season actually starts.

As for just which odds you can currently secure on the Indianapolis Colts winning the Super Bowl LIV, well I did spend a little bit of time hunting around for the very best odds being offered on them winning that next upcoming Super Bowl, and the best odds I did find were 16/1.

But keep in mind if plenty of other sports fans start to place bets on them and take those odds, or if the team do have a great season and go on to win plenty of matches those odds are very quickly going to vanish, so the onus is on you to place such bets as quickly as you can do.