Kansas City Chiefs vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Long before each NFL season starts, many punters will be hoping the very next one will be a profitable one for them from a betting point of view, and as such it will always be the case that the week one NFL matches will be the ones, they spend the most time studying.

The only real way that sports bettors are going to ensure they get the maximum pay-outs possible when betting on any NFL matches is by spending as much time as is required comparing the odds being offered to them at as many sports betting sites, bookies and sportsbooks as they care to check out.

One match that is going to be played in week one of this upcoming season is the match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Jacksonville Jaguars, and it is worth me pointing out that many betting sites are currently offering their own futures betting markets on each week one NFL match including that one.

So therefore you do have the ability if you so desire to start placing bets right now on the Kansas City Chiefs vs Jacksonville Jaguars match, however you will of course need to have some idea as to just which team is likely to win that match so you can start hunting around for the very best odds on them.

With that in mind, I have done a little bit of hunting around myself this morning and have found that the Kansas City Chiefs are being offered at average win odds of 7/15 to win that match and as such they are the favourites to win it on the futures betting markets, and just for reference the odds currently being offered at several betting sites on the Jacksonville Jaguars are 37/19.

Placing NFL Bets Online is Easy

Never be under the impression it is going to be difficult to get a bet placed on any upcoming NFL matches, for you will be overwhelmed with different betting sites as soon as you start researching just which ones offer such betting markets.

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