Los Angeles Rams vs Carolina Panthers

As soon as the match schedule was published for week one of the next NFL season, plenty of sportsbooks then put together their own betting markets on each match and as such you can place a bet on any team you think will win their very first match of the upcoming season.

Make sure that you do take a good look around this website for by doing so you will find the early betting news on every single match that will be kicking off later this year as part of the series of NFL week one matches, and there are certainly plenty of betting opportunities that stand out in those matches.

However today I want to look at the Los Angeles Rams vs Carolina Panthers match, that match is one that is scheduled to start on the 8th of September this year and is one that many bookies are offering a decent set of odds on.

As for just how high those odds are and just which way the match is likely to end however, well you can get odds right now of around the 9/13 mark on the Los Angeles Rams winning that match and that is the team that I do feel are going to win it.

Having said that though I just know plenty of you out there will disagree with me and will be of the mind that it will be the Carolina Panthers that are going to win, and if you do then the generally available early odds on them winning on several betting sites futures betting markets are around the 23/18 mark.

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