Minnesota Vikings @ Dallas Cowboys Double Result Betting

The odds on the Dallas Cowboys to win their match against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday are 689/1000, and the odds on the Minnesota Vikings to win that match are 6/5, but do be aware that some betting sites are going to allow you to place something known as a double result bet.

That bet will see you having to decide which team will be in the lead or whether the match will be a draw at the half way point, and also requires you to pick out which team will be winning when the game ends or whether the game will end in a draw instead.

The main reason as to why a sports bettor will choose to place a double bet is that the odds you will be offered on the nine possible outcomes will be much higher than when you place a simple outright winner bet on any NFL match.

If you do fancy placing such a  bet on the Minnesota Vikings @ Dallas Cowboys then I will give you an insight into the odds that you will find being offered to you at some betting sites that do offer such a betting opportunity, as you are bound to find the odd on offer quite appealing.

Most Likely Outcomes

The most likely outcome of that match is that the Dallas Cowboys will lead at half time and will also be the winners of that match and as such the Dallas Cowboys/ Dallas Cowboys double bet result comes with odds of 6/5.

However, there is also the chance that the match could be a Minnesota Vikings/Dallas Cowboys result with the Minnesota Cowboys leading at half time but then the Dallas Cowboys going on the win the match and if that is what you think will happen in that match the odds available are tempting to say the least at 9/2.

Other Possible Double Bet Outcomes

If you are of the mind that it will be one of the other possible outcomes that will occur in this match then the odds on each of the double bet possible outcomes will be of interest to you and the next one in the betting is the Dallas Cowboys/Minnesota Vikings result that offers odds of around the 13/2 mark.

Then you have the half time full time outcome of the Draw/Dallas Cowboys on which you should have no difficulties being able to secure odds of 14/1, then the next possible double result outcome on this match is the Draw/Minnesota Vikings which has even higher odds attached to it, with those odds being 20/1.

The Minnesota Vikings/Draw and the Dallas Cowboys/Draw outcome both have the exact same odds on offer those odds being 25/1 and the final outcome which is unlikely to occur but as the odds are huge it may be a bet that you o fancy placing is the Draw/Draw and that is a bet on which you can get odds of 50/1 on it.