New AFC East Division Straight Forecasts Bets

One new type of bet that I am sure not many of you out there will come across before relating to NFL is a Division Straight Forecast type of bet, and there are fairly straight forward bets to get your head around, and can offer some decent pay-out odds too.

What you are tasked with doing, is to work out just which teams that you think are going to be the top two teams in any Division of the NFL and which one is going to beat the other one to the top of that Division at the end of the season.

Let me take a look at the team pairings that you can place a bet on right now, and the odds being offered on each of them too, keep in mind the odds are going to be subject to change as the season progresses, but they can be a fun and very profitable long term bet to place.

The two AFC East Division Straight Forecast bets that boast the lowest valued odds are for the New England Patriots to Beat New York Jets and the odds on that bet are 11/10, then you have the New England Patriots To Beat Buffalo Bills and then bet returns pay-out odds currently of 2/1.

AFC East Mid-Priced Straight Forecast Bets

If you do not fancy the chance of the teams in the pairings mentioned up above, then you are going to be rewarded with some much better odds on any of the following pairings.

Take for example the New York Jets to Beat New England Patriots that bet is next in the betting at pay-out odds of 7/1, and for the New England Patriots to Beat Miami Dolphins that bet is being differed at odds of 8/1 and you can also get 11/1 on the Buffalo Bills to. Beat New England Patriots

Huge Odds on Offer on the Following Bets

The more unlikely the teams are of making it through to the top two spots in the AFC East Division the bigger the odds on the Straight Forecast bets will be, and as such let me now look at some other permutations of teams and outcomes too.

Odds of 33/1 are being offered on the following bets, Miami Dolphins to Beat New England Patriots and the New York Jets to Beat Buffalo Bills and then they jump in value currently to 40/1 for the Buffalo Bills to Beat New York Jets.

The New York Jets to Beat Miami Dolphins pair up is available at three-digit odds of 100/1, and you can get even higher odds on Miami Dolphins to Beat New York Jets, and those odds are 125/1.

The most unlikely of outcomes in the upcoming season are however for the Buffalo Bills to Beat Miami Dolphins or conversely the Miami Dolphins to Beat Buffalo Bills but if you do fancy placing that bet then right now you can easily secure massive odds of 200/1 on both of those two bets.