New England Patriots are the Current Favourites to Win the AFC

I know many of you fans of American Football are currently spending most of your time currently trying to work out just which teams are going to be the ones that will win each match throughout the NFL season, as that season is of course in full flow right now.

However, there are still plenty o long term bets that you can place too, one being trying to work out just which team is going to be crowned the champions of the AFC this season, and currently the team that most bookies and punters are convinced does have the very best chance of winning the AFC is the NE Patriots.

Therefore if that is something you feel is going to be the case at the end of the season then now is a good time to back them for their odds of doing so are 31/20, but keep in mind it is still early days on the season as there are several other teams that may just win the AFC too.

The current second favourite to did are the KC Chiefs, and by shopping around and comparing the odd at serval different betting sites I am more than confident that you are going to find odds on offer of around the 11/4 on them, so do keep that in mind.

Could the LA Chargers or the BAL Ravens Win the AFC?

Anything can and may just happen this season, and it may be the case that teams such as the LA Chargers or the BAL Ravens may just prove to teams that improve their current form and then go on to win the AFC this season.

As for just what bookies are going to be offering you by way of odds on those two teams going so, well you are going to find plenty of books who are prepared to give you odds of 7.1 on the LA Chargers winning the AFC this season and you should also find odds of 15/2 are readily available on the Ravens too.

Odds Attached to Other AFC Teams

It is of course still early in the season as whilst you may fancy backing one of the much more fancied teams to come out on top and win the AFC this season, there are some other teams you can back at some much bigger odds.

But never lose track of the fact that bookies are going to be offering you much higher odds for a reason, that being those other teams only have a tiny chance of winning the AFC outright this season.

As of just how high those odds are going to be, well you can get 10/1 currently on teams such as the CLE Browns and the HOU Texans, and you will find plenty of bookies going 18/1 on teams like the IND Colts and plenty of betting sites that are prepared to give you odds of 28/1 on the BUF Bills and 33/1 on the JAX Jaguars, the PIT Steelers and the TEN Titans too.

For reference the teams not many punters are backing to win the AFC, they include the DEN Broncos,  the NY Jets and the OAK Raiders at all 50/1, and then you have the CIN Bengals at 100/1 and the rank outsiders that being the MIA Dolphins at 500/1.