New England Patriots Current Favourites to Win Superbowl LIV

The odds keep on changing on the early betting markets for the Superbowl LIV, and as such you should ensure that you are fully up to date with those odds, and today I will take a look at which teams are the ones currently being backed by worldwide sports bettors.

The one team that is right at the top of that betting market, and look likely to make is through to that final game is of course the New England Patriots, who are having an outstanding NFL season, and their odds have now dropped down to around 3/1 at most betting sites.

Now, if the betting markets are to be taken at their face value, then the other team that could make it through to the Superbowl LIV are the New Orleans Saints, for they are now the current second favourite to win that event and bookies are offering odds of around the 6/1 mark on them winning.

That isn’t to say there are now several other teams that could make it through to that final game and win it, and there is a fair degree of confidence behind the San Francisco 49ers, and punters do appear to be backing them in large numbers based on the fact you can secure odds on them winning the next Superbowl at odds of 15/2.

A Couple of 9/1 Shots to Consider

There are just two other teams that are currently being offered at single digit odds, and those odds for reference are 9/1 and those two teams that some of you out there may fancy backing are the Baltimore Ravens and the Green Bay Packers.

You will then find it is the Kansas City Chiefs at odds of 14/1 that are next in the betting, and then the odds jump to 19/1 on the likes of Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks.

Much Bigger Odds on the Rest of the Field

The chance of the rest of the teams in the NFL winning the Superbowl LIV are huge and they include the Houston Texans at 24/1, the Los Angeles Rams are a 39/1 shot and odds of 44/1 are being offered on both the Indianapolis Colts and the Carolina Panthers.

Two teams that are generally on offer at odds of 54/1 currently are the Buffalo Bills and the Oakland Raiders, the Pittsburgh Steelers are a 59/1 shot to win and you can get odds of 79/1 on the Cleveland Browns and odds of 99/1 are up for grabs at most bookies sites on both the Los Angeles Chargers and the Tennessee Titans.

Three digit odds are then up for grabs on most of the other teams and for reference those teams and their current generally available odds are Detroit Lions at 124/1, both the Chicago Bears and the Jacksonville Jaguars are 149/1 and you can back the likes of the Denver Broncos at 249/1, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 399/1, the Arizona Cardinals, New York Giants and the New York Jets are 499/1 and huge odds are on offer on the Atlanta Falcons and those odds are 749/1.

If you rate the chances of the Washington Redskins of the Miami Dolphins, you should find plenty of bookies sites and apps offering odds as high as 1999/1 on them Winning the Superbowl LIV.