New England Patriots Early AFC Winner Favourites

Some rather attempting early odds are currently available for all of you out there that are prepared to place a bet on the team that you think is going to be the American Football Conference winner in 2019, and that may just be something you are prepared to place a long term bet on.

However, the value of the odds you are going to be able to secure right now are going to be determined by just which team you place a bet on and the betting site or sportsbook you place your bets at of course.

You may fancy backing the current early favourite to win the AFC this season, and if that is the case then you should be backing the New England Patriots, for they are leading all betting markets right now and with a little hunting around you should easily be able to secure odds of 10/3 on them winning.

It is of course anybody’s guess as to just which team will be crowned the champions of the AFC this upcoming season, and plenty of other teams are being backed too, and the current second favourite to win are the Kansas City Chiefs who look a rock solid value bet at their current generally available odds of 4/1.

Two Current Third Favourites

You may be on the lookout for some much bigger odds and some much better betting value of course, and if you are then both of the two current third favourites are tempting bets too right now, those teams being the Indianapolis Colts and the Cleveland Browns both of whom can be backed at reasonable odds right now of 6/1.

You are going to be able to get single digit odds on just one other team if you are prepared to make use of the early and futures AFC outright winner betting markets, and for reference that team is the Los Angeles Chargers who are currently trading at odds of 8/1.

All Other AFC Teams and Early Odds

Let me now move onto giving you an idea of the odds that are currently up for grabs and on offer on all other teams that are playing in the American Football Conference this year, but be aware that the following odds, much like those mentioned up above, are subject to change at any time, so do get your bets placed sooner rather than later to be in a position of securing any odds you find appealing.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in with a slight chance of success this year based on their current odds of 14/1 and then you have the likes of teams such as the Houston Texans, the Baltimore Ravens and the Jacksonville Jaguars that are bound to attract some punters to bet on them at their odds of 16/1.

The Denver Broncos, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Titans are all available at odds of 33/1 t win the AFC title this year and the Buffalo Bills are 40/1, the Cincinnati Bengals are 50/1 and the rank outsiders to win are of course the Miami Dolphins who can be backed at three digit odds right now of 125/1 at plenty of betting sites.