New England Patriots Fancied to Win the AFC

There are only two teams currently being backed to win the AFC this season, and those two teams are the Patriots and the Ravens, however there does appear to be much more money coming in for the Patriots and as such that has resulted in all sportsbook lowering their outright win odds.

You will therefore need to do some hunting around if you do fancy backing the Patriots right now to ensure you are not short-changed regarding the odds you can secure, however you should find plenty of betting sites that will give you odds of 11/10 right now on them winning the AFC title this season.

As for the other team that is also be backed by sports bettors currently, well if you are an avid fan of American Football you will probably have already worked out that team is the Ravens and the best odds I have seen being offered on it being that team that win the AFC this season, those odds are 3/2.

You could of course fancy the chances of any other teams, and the only other team that has any realistic chance based on the form they have so far shown this season of winning the AFC are the Chiefs, and they are being offered at odds of 11/2.

Texans are Next in the Betting

Based on the fact that the odds on all other teams playing in the AFC jump quite dramatically, it is fair to say it would be something of a major shock if any of them do go on to win the AFC title this season, but there is always a tiny chance any team not yet mentioned could go on to win.

The next team you will find listed on all sportsbooks betting boards are the Texans and their odds of success this year as being the top team in the AFC are 16/1, which does give you an idea of what their winning chances really are, that being not great.

Much Bigger Odds on All Other Teams

I may as well now quickly give you an overview of the odds available on all other teams playing in the AFC to be the winning team this season, as some of you out there may just fancy backing any of the outsiders to win.

If you think it will be the Bills that will win then you will be rewarded at most betting sites with odds of 25/1, the Colts do face an uphill task if they are to win the AFC this season and as for just how high their odds are, well most betting sites and betting apps you can make use of will be offering you odds of at least 33/1.

The Browns and the Raiders, along with the Steelers and Titans can all be backed currently at some huge odds of 50/1, then you have the LA Chargers who are being offered at odds of 80/1.

The Broncos are a 150/1 shot and you can get odds of 250/1 on both the Jaguars and the Jets. However, there are some mega sized odds being offered right now on the rank outsiders those teams being the Bengals and the Dolphins, and those odds for reference are 2500/1.