New England Patriots

In this guide I am going to be giving you an insight into the New England Patriots, for if you do have an interest in American Football, and you fancy betting on any teams, you will always be best advised to gather as much information about each team you may be thinking of betting on.

A general overview of that team is that they are based on Foxborough, Massachusetts and their current home field is the Gillette Stadium which has a capacity of some 65,878.

The New England Patriots home colours are Navy blue, red, silver and white, and the team mascot is of course Pat Patriot and the team nickname is The Pats, the owner of the team is Robert Kraft.

For those of you that have an interest in the history of the team and its home fields, well over the years they have had six different home fields, the first being the Nickerson Field which was home from 1960 until 1962, they then moved to Fenway Park in 1963 until 1968, then had a short one year spell at the Alumni Stadium in 1969 and the Harvard Stadium in 1970.

They then moved for many years to the Foxboro Stadium and that was the home ground from 1971 until 2001 and it is as their current base that being Gillette Stadium that they have played all home matches from 2002.

New England Patriots AFC Championship Betting

Now, it is always going to be on the futures betting markets that you are going to find some of the very highest odds available to you when it comes to teams winning the AFC Championship, and as such you may be thinking about placing a long term bet on the New England Patriots to win that conference in the season ahead.

If you are then they are currently the favourite to do so, and as for just what odds you are likely to be offered on them, well that will always be dependent on just which betting site you choose to place your bets at.

Before this season starts the best odds, I have seen being offered on the New England Patriots are around the 10/3 mark, so when you set about looking for a betting site to place your bets at, I would encourage you to make a point of not taking odds any lower than 10/3.

However, do keep in mind that as soon as the season starts, and the betting markets then go in-play as opposed to them being futures betting markets the odds are going to start to fluctuate as the results come in each week.

You will also find that some betting sites will allow you to place an each-way bet on the New England Patriots, and the best each-way betting terms I have come across are one half of the win odds being paid out to two places, so be on the lookout for those terms if you do fancy placing an each-way bet.

New England Patriots Super Bowl LIV Odds

Much like the above betting market, it is worth noting that if you do fancy backing any teams to win the Super Bowl in any year, then the sooner you get your bets placed the much better chances you are going to have of being able to secure the highest ones.

As for whether you do feel that the New England Patriots are going to have any chance of winning the Super Bowl LIV, well that is if course your decision to make, suffice to say that they are being offered at many betting sites as the favourite team to do so.

I spent a little bit of time hunting around for the best odds available on then to win the Super Bowl this coming season, and the best odds I did find were 15/2, therefore if you want o back them to win then you should be making use of the futures betting markets that lots of betting sites are offering on the Super Bowl, and look for odds either that high or even higher.

But please do be aware that the odds are going to move all over the place as soon as the NFL season starts and the results begin to come in, and as such there is a chance the odds on the New England Patriots could increase or decrease on them winning the next Super Bowl, based on just how well they are playing throughout the season.