New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles Winning Margin Betting

Looking at the money line odds for the New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles match, there isn’t much value on offer, for bookies are taking no chances with the favourite to win that match, that being the Eagles and will be offering you tiny odds of around 2/9.

You may fancy backing the underdogs to win that match instead, and if you do so then you will have no difficulty being able to secure money line odds on the Giants of around the 10/3 mark, but you are going to be taking risks backing them, for not many sports bettors are of the mind that they will win that match, and to be fair it would be something of a shock if they did go on to do so.

There is another betting market on that match that you may not have come across before, and that is the betting market on which you can try and predict the winning margin that either team will end up winning by.

If that is a bet you would like to play then I will now give you a quick overview of the possible betting opportunities on that betting market and will also let you know the current odds most bookies are going to be offering you on each of them too.

Eagles Winning Margin Betting

If you think that it will be the Eagles that will win this match and thick they will do so by 1-6 points then by placing a bet on them doing just that you will be offered odds of around 10/3, for them to win by 7 1 12 points the odds are the same but they will grow in value if you think they will win by 13-18 points as those odds are 4/1.

You can get even bigger odds of 11/2 on them winning by a margin of some 19-24 points, or bag odds 9/1 on them winning by a margin of 25 – 30 points or by winning with a margin of 31 points plus.

Tie Bet to the Giants to Win

The match could of course end in a Tie, and whilst that is unlikely if you are of the mind that it will then you will be more than happy with the odds of 33/1 that most bookies will offer you on that betting opportunities.

The odds on the Giants winning margin are much higher of course and odds of 11/2 are up for grabs on them winning this match with a margin of 1 – 6 points, and odds of 10/1 are being offered on them winning with a 7 – 12 points margin.

You can secure even higher odds of 20/1 on them winning with a margin of 13 – 18 goals, 40/1 on them winning with a 19 – 24margin and 66/1 are the odds on them winning this match with a points margin of 25 – 30.

You can also back them to win this match with 31 points or higher and the odds you will be able to secure when placing that bet are 80/1 at most bookies betting sites.