New York Giants

When it comes to you placing any number of bets and wagers on NFL teams and matches, it will always pay dividends for you to get a much deeper insight into any of the teams that you do fancy having a financial interest in throughout the season.

Therefore, in this guide I am going to be passing onto you some facts, figures and information about the New York Giants, who are a team that plays in the East Division of the National Football Conference.

As for where they are based, well that is of course over in East Rutherford, New Jersey and it is currently at the rather large MetLife Stadium which holds a huge 82,500 people that they play all their home matches.

The New York Giants started life back in 1925 and as such are fast approaching their 100th birthday and the it is both John Mara and Steve Tisch who own the team and the head coach at the time of compiling this guide was Pat Shurmur.

There are three nicknames for the New York Giants that you may be aware of and they are Big Blue, G-Men and Jints and they have had a number of home fields over the years including the Polo Grounds, the Yankee Stadium, Yale Bowl, the Shea Stadium, the Giants Stadium and from 2010 they have been playing at their current home that being the MetLife Stadium.

If you feel they are a team you will fancy betting on this season, then please do read on as below I will be giving you an insight into their current chances of winning their conference title and of winning the Superbowl too!

New York Giants NFC Championship Betting

I should point out that you are going to be able to bet on any of the sixteen teams that make up the NFC at any point during the season if you feel the way they are playing gives them an excellent chance of be the champion team at the end of the season.

However, before the seasons begin that is often when you are going to find some of the very highest odds available on most teams, for when the season starts you can bet your bottom dollar that the teams that are winning match after match will have their NFC Championship odds slashed.

Some teams are of course going to be fancied to win the NFC Championship this upcoming season, but I think it’s fair and safe to say that not many sports bettors are of the mind that the New York Giants are going to be the winners of the NFC Championship this season.

In fact, having spent some time this morning checking out several different betting sites I have noticed there are some temptingly high odds attached to the New York Giants on their futures betting markets and those odds are around the 25/1 mark.

But at the end of the day you will not only want to secure the very highest of odds on any team you do back to win the NFC Championship this coming season you will also want plenty of additional betting opportunities on each match too, therefore head on over to the Intertops betting site for they are one of the best betting sites for NFL related betting markets.

New York Giants Superbowl LIV Odds

It will always be the case that the odds being offered to you on any NFL team to win the very next Superbowl will always be dependent on the form of that team in the previous season, well it will be when you are making use of the futures betting markets.

I do know that plenty of you out there may be prepared to back the New York Giants to win the very next Superbowl which is of course going to be the 2020 Superbowl LIV, and by shopping around right now you are going to find more than enough betting sites and sportsbooks offering you odds as high as 50/1.

There are two types of bets though that you can place on the New York Giants winning the 2020 Superbowl LIV, the first is to back that team to win outright, and by doing so you will then be paid out at the odds you secured when you placed that bet.

But an each-way bet will be a two pat bet the first half of which covers that team to win, and the other half of the best will see you being paid out if they make it to the Superbowl LIV final, and most bookies are offering one half of the win odds on that part of such a bet.