New York Jets

The New York Jets are an NFL team that play in the East Division and they are located over in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and their current home field is the MetLife Stadium which when it is full of spectators it holds a huge 82,500 home and away team fans in total.

You may be wondering what the team colours are of the New York Jets and if so, they do have a very distinctive set of colours those being hunter green and white and as such they are very easy to spot when playing any opponents.

There are two owners of the team those being Woody and Christopher Johnson, and at the time of compiling this guide it was Adam Gase who was the head coach.

The nickname of the team is the Gang Green and over the years they have had quite a number of different home fields, the first of which was the Polo Grounds from 1960 until 1963, they then moved over to the Shea Stadium from 1964 until 1983, then they played at the Giants Stadium form 1984 until 2009 and since 2010 they have been based at the MetLife Stadium.

If at any time in the future you fancy placing a bet on the New York Jets to win their upcoming matches of even fancy placing a bet on them winning the Super Bowl then read on for I will be giving you a few pointers as to their chances of winning their division and the next Super Bowl too.

New York Jets AFC Championship Betting

I wouldn’t say that the New York Jets are one of those teams that sports bettors are betting on currently in any great numbers to be crowned the champion team in the AFC, for their current odds on offer at most betting sites and sportsbooks are mid-ranged.

However, it will always be on the futures betting markets that you are going to find some of the highest odds on any teams to win the AFC, and as such if you are a fan of that team of are convinced that this season will be the one in which the New York Jets will finally excel then now is when you should be placing your bets on them.

By doing so you are going to be offered odds of around the 40/1 mark, but keep in mind that some bookies will not have odds that high on offer on that team, so always shop around as that way you can compare the odds available at several online or mobile sportsbooks to ensure you get the highest odds on offer.

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New York Jets Super Bowl LIV Odds

How far in advance you decide to back any team to win the next Superbowl is of course up to you, but much like when you set about betting on any team to win for example the AFC, the sooner you do place your bets the much higher odds you are going to be offered.

Now, it’s very fair and true to say that currently not many sports bettors or fans of American Football are of the mind that the New York Jets are going to qualify for the Superbowl LIV final, and as such that means the odds that will be available to you right now are high.

If that is the team that you think will be in the Superbowl LIV final and will then go on to win it, you should quite easily be able to secure outright winner odds on them doing so of as high as 66/1, but it is going to be dependent on just which sportsbooks you place your bets at as to whether you will get odds that high.

Also, keep in mind that as soon as this seasons NFL matches do start to get played off the betting markets on the Superbowl LIV are going to become much more active and there is always the chance therefore that the odds on the New York Jets winning the Superbowl LIV will start to get much lower in value so keep that in mind.