NFC West Division Winner Latest Betting

There are of course just four teams playing in the NFC West Division, and therefore you have a one in four chance of picking the outright winner of that division this season, however its fair to say some of those teams have a much better chance of winning the title than others.

Just so you know, those four teams are the LA Rams, the SF 49ers, along with both the SEA Seahawks and the Ari Cardinals, and many betting sites have got their respective betting markets open for that division winner.

As for the team that looks like it will win the title race this season, well the one that is attracting the most support from sports bettors currently are the LA Rams, and by doing some hunting around you should quite easily be able to get odds on that team of around the 5/4 mark, which are very fair odds with everything taken into account.

However, you can of course back any team to win the division, and each of the other three teams playing in the NFC West do have a chance of winning, but their current odds will give you a very clear insight into how high those winning chances really are.

The 49ers Look a Fair Bet

The second favourite to win the NFC West Division title this season are the SF 49ers, and if they continue it play the way they are they do of course stand a very good chance of winning that title, so I certainly would not put you off betting on them.

As for just how generous the odds you are going to be offered by betting sites and sportsbook on them winning the title this season, they look a very fair bet at their current odds with are around the 19/10 mark, but do shop around as you may find every so slightly higher odds than those being offered at one or two betting sites if you are lucky and look hard enough.

The Seahawks and Cardinals

The other two teams that you will find all betting sites are going to be offering you odds on them being the NFC West Division winner this year are the Seahawks and the Cardinals, and as such let me now enlighten you on what odds are generally available on both of those two teams.

If you are of the mindset that it will be the SEA Seahawks that are going to win the title race this season then you are not alone, for their current odds are just 2/1, and as such that does indicate plenty of sports bettors are backing them right now.

However, that cannot be said for the fourth and final team, for that team are the ARI Cardinals, and with their current outright winner odds being around the 200/1 that does of course mean it will be something of a major shock if they do go on to win the title this season.