NFL 2019 Division Winners Betting

Now is the time for all you NFL fans to start trying to work out just which teams you think will win each Division this season, and by placing a very savvy and well thought-out bets right now you can benefit from some decent odds.

Take for example the AFC East, currently the smart money is pouring in on the New England Patriots to win that Division, but the sheer volume of money coming in for that team has resulted in their win odds dropping to just 2/9, however they do look a good bet right now.

As far as the AFC North Division of the NFL goes, from a betting point of view there isn’t much separating the Cleveland Brown and the Pittsburgh Steelers for the former team are the current 11/8 favourites to take the title for that Division this season whilst the latter team are 15/8.

Moving onto the team that most sports bettors and fans of NFL are convinced is going to be crowned the champions of the AFC West Division this season, well that team is the Kansas City Chiefs and the best odds I have so far seen being offered on them on the futures betting markets are 8/13.

The Philadelphia Eagles Should Win the NFC East Division

The NFC East Division outright winner betting market is not going to see you being offered some huge odds on the team that is currently chalked up as the favourite team to head that Division at the end of this upcoming season.

For having checked several of our featured betting sites this morning the best early odds I have seen being touted on that team, who for reference are the Philadelphia Eagles are odds of just 10/11, but do shop around as you may just find a bookie offering slightly higher odds if you get a move on.

Other Likely Division Winners

There are of course three other Divisions of the NFL and you can of course bet on any teams in any of those other Divisions that you think have the very best chance of winning this season and being the title winners of reach of them

As far as the betting goes on the NFC North Division, well there are two teams that are being backed at this stage of the betting and they are the Chicago Bears who are being offered generally at odds of  7/4 and the Green Bay Packers  whose odds right now are around the 15/8 mark.

The NFC South Division is not going to be a tricky one for you to try and make sense of from a betting point of view for the team that has been attracting the most early money from sports bettors to win that Division are the New Orleans Saints whose odds currently are 8/13.

Finally the NFC West Division betting market, that Division is of course the one in which the Los Angeles Rams play and they are the team that most savvy punters are backing to win it, and punter seem to be happy with the 4/7 odds they are being offered on that team too.