NFL Regular Season Week 6 Schedule

It will be on Thursday the 10th of October 2019, along with Sunday the 13th of October and Monday the 14 of October later this year that the week 6 regular season NFL matches are going to be in play.

As part of my ongoing series of guides to each upcoming NFL match of the season I therefore wish to present to you that week six NFL schedule below. All matches listed have starting times in Eastern Time, so do make allowances if you plan on watching or betting on any of the following matches, with regards to any time zone differences based on just where you are.

NFL Week 6 Match Thursday 10th of October

The very first match of the week six NFL regularly season that will be in play is the Giants @ Patriots match, for that match is starting at 8:20pm ET a few days earlier than the other matches that being on Thursday the 10th of October 2019.

Sunday 13th of October Week 6 NFL Matches

As is always the case it will be on Sunday at various times during the day that most of the matches in week six of the regular NFL season are going to be starting and will be played off, and as such below are each of those scheduled matches.

The very first match on Sunday the 13th of October 2019 will be the Panthers @ Buccaneers match that will be in play bright and early at 9:30am ET.

It is 1:00pm ET that most matches are going to be in play and those matches that I am confident many of you out there will be betting on are the Redskins @ Dolphins, the Eagles @ Vikings, the Texans @ Chiefs, the Saints @ Jaguars, the Seahawks @ Browns and the Bengals @ Ravens matches.

Two matches are all lined up and scheduled to start at 4:05pm ET and they are the 49ers @ Rams match and the Falcons @ Cardinals match. Then at 4:25pm ET it will be the Cowboys @ Jets match and the Titans @ Broncos matches that will be starting, then final it will be the turn of the Steelers @ Chargers match that will be the final match of the day starting at 8:20 pm ET.

Monday, October 14th NFL Match

You are going to have to be patient if you want to watch or bet on the Lions @ Packer NFL match that is part of the week 6 schedule of matches, for that match is the last one that will be in play and will be starting at 8:15pm ET on Monday the 14th of October.

Being the only match of the day however that does of course mean there will be a lot of interest on it from sports bettors, so do try and hunt around for the very highest money liens and betting odds if you do fancy placing a bet on that match, to ensure you do get the best ones available.