NFL Regular Season Week 7 Schedule

By the time week seven of the NFL main season comes around, you can usually get a good idea as to the form of each team and can make some well thought out betting decisions on the matches that are going to be played off that week and moving forward too.

Therefore below what I am going to be doing is to take a look at the week 7 NFL season schedule, and do keep in mind that you will also find each of the other matches that are being played in each week of the NFL season listed upon this website too so do take a good look around.

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Thursday the 17th of October 2019

Many sports bettors will be kicking off their week seven regular NFL season betting exploits on Thursday the 17th of October 2019, for that is when the very first match of the week will be in play and that is the Chiefs @ Broncos match which has a starting times of 8:20pm ET.

Sunday the 20th of October

On Sunday the 20th of October 2019 you will find the most matches being played off in week seven of the regular NFL season, and most of the matches that day will be starting at 1:00pm ET and they include Dolphins @ Bills, Jaguars @ Bengals , Vikings @ Lions  and Raiders @ Packers.

The four other matches that start at 1:00pm ET are Rams @ Falcons, Texans @ Colts, 49ers @ Redskins and the Cardinals @ Giants match too.

There will be a three hour and five-minute gap between those 1:00pm ET matches and the next one, which is the Chargers @Titans match that will be starting at 4:05pm ET.

A couple of matches that are going to be starting at 4:25pm ET are the Saints @ Bears match and the Ravens @ Hawks match.

Moving onto the last NFL match of the day, that will be the 8:20pm ET match and the teams that will be taking on one another in that match are the Eagles and the Cowboys.

One NFL Match on Monday the 21st of October

It will be on the 21st of October 2019 that the final week seven NFL regular season match will be in play, and that match is going to be starting at 8:15pm ET and is the Patriots @ Jets match.

Being the final match of week seven there will be plenty of interest from sports betters that will be hoping to round off the week in profit, so make sure you compare the money lines and betting odds on offer on that match at each of our featured betting sites to get the best betting value.