NFL Week 1 Point Spreads Best Bets

With around a month until the start of the regular NFL season, you are probably eagerly awaiting getting down to your seasonal betting exploits on the NFL, and if so what I am going to be doing today is to look at which point spread bets are going to be worth placing.

Let me start off looking at the point spread odds available on the Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers match, having spent some time trying to work out the most likely outcome of that match I do feel that at -3.5 the Chicago Bears are worth betting on if you can secure the generally available odds of 20/21 on that bet.

As for the most likely outcome in the Carolina Panthers @ Los Angeles Rams match, well with their point spread being +2.5 there is a lot to like about the 21.20 odds that some betting site are offering on the Carolina Panthers and I for one will be placing such a bet.

It must surely be the case that the Minnesota Vikings are going to beat the Atlanta Falcons even with a -3.5 point spread, and if you agree with me on that I would hunt around for a bookie that is offering odds of at the very least 10/11 on that bet for it is a value bet to place for sure.

I cannot see the Jacksonville Jaguars winning in week once with their opponents being the Kansas City Chiefs and as such, I have already placed a bet on them at odds of 20/23 and that being one offering a point spread of -3.5.

Some Other Value Packed Week 1 Point Spreads

I did also spot a couple of betting sites that are offering even money on the New York Jets with a point spread of -3.55 and as such as far as that bet goes it is one I am willing to place for I cannot see the Buffalo Bills coming out on top and winning that match, even with a head start.

One rather one sided match that is being played in week one is of course the match in which the Cleveland Browns should very easily beat the Tennessee Titans, therefore if you are prepared to bet on that match there is a lot to like about the Cleveland Bears winning that match at odds of 20/21 even with a -6.5 point spread.

Keep in mind that each of our featured and top rated betting sites listed throughout this website have opened up their NFL betting markets already, and you are going to be able to bet on everything for the first matches of the regular season to which team you think will win the Superbowl and teach of those betting sites.

If you haven’t yet signed up to any of those betting sites, then now is a good time to do just that so you will have instant access to the betting markets at those sites throughout the upcoming and very soon to start NFL regular season.