NFL Week 10 Predictions

I cant believe just how quickly the NFL season has been progressing, and before we know it we will be celebrating Christmas, however you may get yourself a very early Christmas present if you place a parlay bet this week on some of the NFL matches, and that parlay bet turns out to be a winning one.

With that in mind today I am going to be passing onto you my predictions for the teams that I expect to win their respective NFL matches this coming weekend. Keep in mind though that to secure the best odds available you should make sure you sign up to and place your bets at any of our small handful of featured online and mobile sportsbooks.

It is the Oakland Raiders that look up against it in the first NFL match of this week, and their opponents the Los Angeles Chargers are in my opinion going to outclass them and should come out on top and win that match.

Moving onto the Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions NFL match this week, well if they play up to their usual form then it should be a match that will see the Chicago Bears winning, and there are some decent odds being offered at some betting sites on them doing just that.

The New Orleans Saints Should Win This Week

Another team that are going to take all the beating this week are the New Orleans Saints, and if they do not win their match against the Atlanta Falcons then there I something seriously wrong, and as such they should be a team worth including on your NFL parlay bet this week.

As for who is going to win the Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Arizona Cardinals match, well that is an easy question to answer for it should be the Buccaneers that will be celebrating once that match has finished for they should win it with great ease.

Back the Cleveland Browns to Win this Week

The more teams that you include on any parlay bet you do decide to place this week, the higher in value your potential winning pay-out will be of course, and it should be the case that the Cleveland Browns will win against the Buffalo Bills this week, but do not expect to be offered huge odds on them doing so.

The Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens match is one that I have already bet on, and the team I expect to win are the Ravens who should have a straightforward task this weekend and should win that match.

One final match that should be worth betting on is the New York Jets v New York Giants match, and if that match goes as planned and expected then it should be the Giants that will win it, but do shop around to ensure you are getting the bets odds on offer, as they will vary from betting site to betting site.