NFL Week 11 Predictions and Money Lines

With us now being at the stage of the NFL season at which you should have a very good idea of the form of each of the teams involved in that sport, there is money to be made betting on the teams that should win their respective week 11 matches.

Much more so if you are prepared to put several fancied teams in a parlay bet and those teams then go on to win their week 11 matches. Below I will be enlightening you on just which teams should win over the weekend and the money line odds you will find generally being offered on each of those fancied teams too, at most betting sites.

I am not convinced that the Steelers are going to have what it takes to beat the Browns this weekend and as such it is the Browns you should be betting on to win and the money lines odds that you should be able to secure on them winning that match are around 8/13.

Another team that shouldn’t be winning this weekend are the Falcons for they are up against the Panthers who look a rock-solid betting opportunity as their 2/5 money line odds do suggest.

Bills and Vikings Look Set to Win

I doubt the Bills are going to lose their match this weekend in week 11 of the NFL against the Dolphins, and whilst the money line odds on them doing so are not what anybody would ever call generous, with them being 2/5, win that match is what they should do.

It would be the shock of the NFL season if the Broncos manage to beat the Vikings this weekend, but I doubt they are going to do that, and as such another team you should be including in your parlay bets are the Viking whose money line odds are 2/11 to win that match.

Other Teams Expected to Win

You may be trying to work out whether it will be worth backing either the Texans or the Ravens in their match this weekend, well when you check out the form of each team it will be come very apparent that the Ravens are in much better form that their opponents and as such you should be backing them at their current money line odds which are around 4/9.

You can put as many teams as you like on any parlay bet you are trying to put together, and in the Jaguars vs Colts match it is the Colts that in my opinion will win that match without too much effort, and as for just how high their money line odds are to do so, those odds are 8/13.

At money line odds of just 2/5, I think you can work out for yourself that the Saints are going to have an easy task beating the Buccaneers this coming weekend, and as such they are the final team that you should be backing to win their week 11 match.