NFL Week 16 Regular Season Schedule 2019

It will be during the Christmas week that the Week 16 Regular Season NFL matches are going to be played off, and whilst many people that week will be frantically putting together their Christmas plans, plenty of people will be having a bet on the NFL teams that they think are going to win that week.

Below I am going to therefore give you an insight into on just what days and times each of those matches are starting, however due to the festive period there are some changes to the standard weekly schedule which I will be pointing out below too.

Saturday 21st of December 2019

Whilst most of the NFL matches that are going to be taking place in Week 16 of the Regular Season have already been scheduled, there are five matches that have yet to be scheduled, and they are the Raiders @ Chargers, Bills @ Patriots, Buffalo @ New England, Rams @ 49ers and the Texans @ Buccaneers matches.

What is known however is that at the end of Week 8 a decision will be made on just which three of those games are going to be played on Saturday the 21st of December 2019 and which will be scheduled to be played off the following day that of course being the 22nds of November.

Sunday the 22nd of December 2019

Moving onto Sunday the 22nd of December 2019, that is when most of the matches that are scheduled as part of the Week 16 Regular NFL season are going to be played off and the action will get underway at 1:00pm ET.

The matches that are scheduled to start at that time are the Giants @ Redskins the Steelers @ Jets match along with the Saints @ Titans, Jaguars @ Falcons, Ravens @ Browns, Panthers @ Colts and the Bengals @ Dolphins match too.

It will then be three hours and twenty-five minutes after each of those above matches begin that the next two matches are going to be starting and they for reference are the Cardinals @ Seahawks and the Cowboys @ Eagles matches.

Then the final match on Sunday of Week 16 will be the Chiefs @ Bears match and that match will be getting underway at 8:20pm ET.

Monday December the 23rd 2019

You will have one last chance to hopefully make some profits on your American Football betting exploits on Week 16 and that will be by backing one of the those two teams that are going to be up against each other on the final match of the week 16 schedule that being the Packers @ Vikings match.

As for when that match will be starting, well you should have plenty of time to back one of those two teams to win that match for the match doesn’t get underway until 8:15pm ET and there will of course be more than enough bookies offering you odds on that match too.