NFL Week 7 Tips and Predictions

Week seven in the NFL regular season is what many of you out there are looking forward too, and much like every other week of the season there are plenty of teams to pick and choose from when it comes to you putting together you own unique set of NFL bets and wagers too.

Keep in mind though that the outright winner odds are going to differ no matter at which betting site or betting exchange you do decide to place your bets at, but the savviest of sports bettors are always going to be prepared to shop and hunt around to ensure they are not being short changed on the odds that they are being offered.

With the above in mind let me give you some pointers today of the teams that I am confident are going to have a good week this week and may just be worth you including in any parlay or accumulator bets you do place this week too.

The first match that will be played off this week is the Kansas City vs Denver match, and I think that Kansas City are going to win that match without any great difficulty, and as such they should be the first team you do have on your parlay and accumulator bets.

New York Giants and Indianapolis

Regarding the Arizona vs New York Giants match, well I for one would be very surprised if Arizona win that match and as such you should be lumping on the New York Giants for they do have everything going for them in that match and their win odds are fairly decent at most betting sites too.

Houston in my opinion do face something of an uphill task this week trying to beat Indianapolis, and as such the smart money is going on the latter named team in that match.

Other Top Tips for Week 7 in the NFL

Miami and up against the Buffalos this week and you only have to look at the form of both of those two NFL teams to be of the mind that the Buffalos are going to win that match is quite some style too, however do not expect huge odds on them doing so.

The Minnesota and Denver match is a tight match or should be to try and call, however having studied the makeup of that match is one in which I am sure that Minnesota are going to come out on top and should win it, so they are my tip for that match.

The final match that I do think is going to be worth betting on this week is the Oakland and Green Bay match, and once again, in my opinion, I am convinced that it will be Green Bay that are going to win that match, and as such they are my final top of the Week 7 NFL matches, but as mentioned up above make sure that you do secure the best odds possible on that match.