NFL Week 8 Schedule 2019

I think it’s fair to say that if you are planning on watching live and in person any of the Week 8 NFL main season matches this year, then you are going to have to wrap up warm, as it is likely to be freezing out there.

That being said, you will find plenty of TV channels that will be showing live those matches, and to give you an insight into the times and on the day of the week each of those NFL week 8 matches will be in play, the schedule is listed below.

Be aware that as usual I have listed the starting time of each match in Eastern Time, so if you intend to watch any match live on TV or place a bet on any of the following matches do take into account the time zone differences accordingly.

NFL Week 8 Match on Thursday the 24th of October 2019

The Redskins @ Vikings match is going to be kicking off the week 8 NFL regular season in style and that match is going to be in play on Thursday the 24th of October.

Most Week 8 Matches Being Played on Sunday the 27th of October

1:00pm ET is when you are going to find most of the week 8 NFL matches are going to be starting on Sunday the 27th of October 2019, so do keep in mind as you are likely to have to do a lot of TV sports channel hopping to keep track of the results as those matches are in paly.

The matches just so you know that will be starting at that time are Seahawks @ Falcons, Buccaneers @ Titans, Cardinals @ Saints,  Bengals @ Rams,  Jets @ Jaguars, Eagles @ Bills, Chargers @ Bears, Giants @ Lions and there is also the Raiders @ Texans match that will also be starting at 1:00pm ET too.

Just one match will be starting on week 8 of the regular NFL season at 4:05pm ET and that is the Panthers @ 49ers match.

As you will have come to expect, there are also going to be two matches that will be in play at 4:25pm ET as usual and they are the Browns @ Patriots  match along with the Broncos @ Colts match, which I am sure some of you out there will be betting on.

Moving onto the final match of the day, well that will be the one starting at 8:20pm ET which for reference is the Packers @ Chiefs match.

Final Week 8 Match in Play on the 28th of October 2019

8:15pm ET is when the very last match of week 8 is going to be played off and just so you know if you haven’t yet work out the teams playing in that match they will be Dolphins @ Steelers, and being the last match of week 8 there will be plenty of sports bettor having a bet on that match for sure.