NFL Week 9 Regular Season Schedule

It will be on Halloween, that being the last day of October 2019 that the very first week 9 NFL regular season match will be played off, and then each of the other matches will be played in the first few days of November.

As I do know many sports fans like to plan ahead when they are thinking about buying tickets for example to any upcoming NFL match or is putting together their own unique betting strategy and schedule, below I will give you  quick run through of each of the matches that are going to be played out as part of week 9 of this year’s NFL season 2019.

Just so you are aware the times of the following matches are in Eastern Time, which does of course mean if you are in another time zone then you will need to take that into account if you plan on watching any of the following matches or betting on them.

Thursday October 31st 2019

The action in week 9 of the regular NFL season will be starting on Thursday October the 31st , and that is the 49ers @ Cardinals, and it will get underway at 8:20pm ET.

Sunday November the 3rd 2019

You will have to get up nice and early to watch the Texans @ Jaguars match, for that match is going to be the first match of the day on Sunday the 3rd of November and it will be staring at 9:30am ET.

It is of course as usual at 1:00pm ET that many of the matches in week nine like most other weeks will be starting, and just so you now and for reference those matches are Bears @ Eagles, Colts @ Steelers, Jets @ Dolphins Vikings @ Chiefs  along with the all-important Titans @ Panthers match too.

In week nine there will be two matched that start at 4:05pm ET and just so you now those are the Buccaneers @Seahawks match and also the Lions @ Raiders match.

You will also find two matches are going to be starting at 4:25pm ET on Sunday the 3rd of November 2019 and they are the Packers @ Chargers and Browns @ Broncos, either of which you may just fancy pacing a bet on, and if you do then head on over to any of our featured betting sites to pick up some very generous win odds and money line son that match.

As for the last match of the day on Thursday the 3rd of November that will be the 8:20pm ET starting time match that is the Patriots @ Ravens match which you may or may not fancy watching or even betting on.

Monday the 4th of November 2019

It will then be on Monday the 4th of November 2019 that the final match being played off in week 9 of the regular NFL season is going to be played off, and that match is starting at 8:15pm ET and is the match that sees Cowboys @ Giants.