Preseason AFC Outright Winner Betting Odds

The rush to place bets on the futures betting markets associated with the NFL has already started, and any bookie worth his or her salt is going to be offering you a range of different betting markets such as the AFC outright winner one.

You do of course have 16 teams to pick from that play in the AFC, but as you would expect some of them are available at much bigger odds than others, and those will obviously be the teams that are least fancied to win the AFC outright.

The key to bagging the best odds will be to spend some time looking at odds comparison websites, as they will give you an overview of which bookies are offering punters the bet odds, however currently all bookies share the view that the New England Patriots are going to win the AFC this upcoming season outright and the best odds currently available at 10/3.

Next in the betting are the Kansas City Chiefs who are around 4/1 at several betting sites, followed by the Los Angeles Chargers and the Cleveland Browns who can be backed right now at odds of 17/2, then you have Indianapolis Colts and one or two bookies are laying odds of 8/1 on them winning.

Teams with a Reasonable Chance of Winning

With one or two exceptions all other teams that are going to be playing in the AFC this coming season are available at odds in the double digits, and it may be one or two of those teams that you may fancy backing.

If so, the ones that have a reasonable and not farfetched chance of winning the AFC at the end of the season include the Pittsburgh Steelers and the best odds available on them doing so are 14/1 with the Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans at 16/1.

Pick Any Team You Like to Win the AFC Title

You could of course fancy the chances of teams such as the Jacksonville Jaguars and there is plenty of difference in opinion from bookies on their chances of success in the AFC this season, with the best odds available being 22/1.

With some hunting around you may find some bookies that are prepared to give you odds of 40/1 on the New York Jets, the Tennessee Titans or the Denver Broncos, but you will have to take your chances with those teams as they are not the most obvious ones to win the AFC title this season.

Even higher odds can be secured on teams such as the Oakland Raiders and the Buffalo Bills who are 50/1, then you get some higher odds on the rest of the field including 66/1 on the Cincinnati Bengals and I have seen one bookie prepared to give punters massive odds of 125/1 on the Miami Dolphins which is a value packed bet considering most bookies have them on offer at odds of around 75/1.

Just make sure that you do shop around and take a look at the futures betting markets on offer at our featured betting sites first.