Regular NFL Season Week 13 Matches

In the Regular season Week 13 matches there is a slight change to the usual schedule, for there are going to be three matches instead of the usual one being played out on Thursday of that week, and you will find the details of those matches and all other played that week below.

Each of the bookies, betting site and sportsbooks that we have listed throughout this website will be offering you odds well in advance of each of the following NFL Week 13 matches starting, so if you fancy backing any of them then make sure you check out the odds and money lines being offered early on those matches, each of which are displayed with their respective starting times in Eastern Time by the way.

Thursday the 28th of November 2019 NFL Matches

Those three matches that are going to be in play on Thursday the 28th of November are the 12:30pm ET Bears @ Lions match, the 4:30pm ET Bills @ Cowboys match and the last match of the day will be the 8:20pm ET Saints @ Falcons match.

Sunday the 1st of December NFL Matches

The main NFL action in Week 13 will of course be on Sunday the 1st of December and it will be at 1:00pm ET that most of those matches will be starting at, and those matches that will be starting at that time are the Titans @ Colts, Jets @ Bengals, Redskins @ Panthers, 49ers @ Ravens, Buccaneers @ Jaguars, Packers @ Giants, Eagles @ Dolphins and the Raiders @ Chiefs match too.

Moving onto a couple of matches that you may fancy watching or even betting on that will be starting a little later in the day at 4:05pm ET, those matches are the Rams @ Cardinals and Browns @ Steelers matches.

Just one NFL Week 13 match is going to be starting at 4:25pm ET and that is the Chargers @ Broncos   match, and then the last match of the day and one that plenty of sports bettors will be having a bet on one way or the other will be the 8:20pm ET Patriots @ Texans match.

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Monday 2nd of December NFL Match

There will be as usual, one NFL match being played on Monday night as part of the week 13 matches, and that match will be in play on the 2nd of December at 8:15pm ET and will be the Vikings @ Seahawks match.