San Francisco 49ers

One of our teams that are in the West Division of the National Football Conference, San Francisco 49ers are based over in Santa Clara, California and currently they call their home the Levi’s Stadium which when full holds some 68,500 spectators, and that stadium is often one that is filled to its capacity too!

As the San Francisco 49ers are such a popular team in the NFL I have put together this guide that is going to give you some ideas of the betting opportunities available on them before the season starts and whilst it is in play too

However, before I do just that the San Francisco 49ers have been around in one form or another since way back in the year 1946 and that is when they played their very first season, and they play in the team colours of scarlet and gold and their mascot is of course  the bizarrely named Sourdough Sam!

Denise DeBartolo York is the owner and the general managers is John Lynch and the man charged with ensuring the team always play up to their very best possible form is of course the head coach Kyle Shanahan.

The San Francisco 49ers have a couple of nicknames those being the Niners and The Red and Gold and they have had four different home fields over the decades including the Kezar Stadium, Candlestick Park, the Stanford Stadium and their current home field since the year 2014 has of course been Levi’s Stadium.

San Francisco 49ers NFC Championship Betting

By signing up to most online or mobile betting sites you are always going to find plenty of different betting opportunities on any NFC matches, and therefore that is something you may be prepared to do, but never be in a rush to sign up to the very first sportsbook you come across.

Some betting sites are going to be offering you what are known as futures betting markets, and those betting markets are going to go live before the NFC season starts, and will be offering you the chance of placing a bet on any team in the NFC that you think is going to win the title.

If you think that it will be the San Francisco 49ers that are going to be crowned the champion team this season, then it can often be the case the odds being offered on the futures betting markets will be higher than they ever are during the season.

That will certainly be the case if that team do play well during the season and goes about winning match after match, the average odds I have seen being offered on the early betting markets at quite a number of different betting site son that team are 12/1 so do keep that in mind.

In fact, I think you should be taking a look over the Intertops Sportsbook, for they are a top rated online betting site that above all else are famed for their generous odds and their fast winning pay-outs and can always be relied on to offer fans of American Football plenty of betting opportunities before and during the season!

San Francisco 49ers Superbowl LIV Odds

The very best value when taking a long-term punt on the team or teams you think are going to make it to the Superbowl final. Are often going to be found on the futures betting markets that you can access before the NFL season even begins.

Therefore, if you do fancy the chance of the San Francisco 49ers this upcoming season and do think they have an outstanding chance of getting through to the Superbowl final there are a couple of bets that you may fancy placing on them doing so.

By looking around at this very early stage of the Superbowl LIV betting you should have no difficulties what so ever getting odds as high as 25/1 on them winning that Superbowl, and you can place a bet of any value of them doing so.

Another popular type of bet that you may never have come across before is an each-way bet on the Superbowl, and that bet will pay out one the first half of it if the team you pick wins the Superbowl final, but the other half of that bet pays out if your team wins the Superbowl final or simply makes is through to that final game and doesn’t win it, so consider placing such a bet for more winning chances if you fancy doing so!