Seattle Seahawks

You are going to find the Seattle Seahawks are in the West Division of the National Football Conference  and it isn’t going to surprise anybody to discover that they are based in Seattle, Washington, but you may not be aware that their current home field is CenturyLink Field and in total when full that stadium holds a whopping 69,000 people.

A few other things that you may not be aware about the Seattle Seahawks is that they were established only recently in 1974 but it wasn’t until 1976 that they then set about playing their very first season.

As for their team colours, well they are college navy, action green and wolf grey, and they have mascots including the live Augur Hawk known simply as Taima the Hawk and they also have Blitz and Boom too.

It is the Estate of Paul Allen who owns the team and as far as the head coach goes, well that is the highly experienced and many people who also call highly talented Pete Carroll.

Team nicknames have included names such as the Hawks, the Blue Wave, and the Legion of Boom and over the years they have had in total including their current home field three of them.

They were the Kingdome from 1976 and until 1999, then they moved briefly to the Husky Stadium and since 2002 they have played all their home matches at their current home filed which is the CenturyLink Field. Below you will find some interesting betting information regarding betting on the Seattle Seahawks.

Seattle Seahawks NFC Championship Betting

The volume of bets and wagers placed on teams that are playing in the NFC can often be quite high even before the season starts, as many betting sites are going to be offering their customers plenty of betting opportunities on their futures betting markets.

Therefore if you are an avid fan of the Seattle Seahawks, and you think that the upcoming season is going to be one in which they will do well in the NFC and could go on to win it and be crowned the champion team, then the odds available on those futures betting markets could tempt you to place a bet on them.

However, do be aware that the odds you will find being offered on any team to win the NFC Championship before the season begins can and will vary from betting site to betting site, and the average odds I have seen right now are around 16/1 on the Seattle Seahawks.

So, if you do fancy taking your chances and backing them make sure you avidly hunt around for the betting sites offering you the highest odds, and keep in mind that once the NFC season does start those odds could drop if that team plays well and wins plenty of matches!

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Seattle Seahawks Superbowl LIV Odds

You can place bets on as many different teams as you like, if you want to bet on the Superbowl winner, and by doing so you may strike gold and pick out one of the teams that does go onto win the very next one which is going to be the Superbowl Liv in 2020 of course.

However, by backing the team to teams you fancy to win the next Superbowl on the futures betting markets you can often secure some of the highest odds those teams are going to be, and you may of course fancy the chance of the Seattle Seahawks.

I you do then you need to be aware that not a huge number of sports bettors are backing them to win the Superbowl at this rather early stage of the betting, and as such that is reflected in the generous odds of around 33/1 that most betting sites are offering on them.

You may think that they are going to make it to the final but not necessarily win it, and if so you should consider placing an each-way type of bet that pays out if your teams gets through to the final and either wins that match or loses that match.