Smart Money NFL National Football Conference Bets

It is important for anybody that does bet online or on their mobile devices via a betting app to spend as much time as possible tracking down the best odds available on whatever it is they fancy placing a bet on, for not all bookies are famed for offering the very best odds.

If you fancy placing a bet on the team that you think is going to be the champion team in the NFC this season then to help you get some idea of what are the best odds available on each of the teams playing in it, below are the best odds I have so far being offered on them.

Numerous betting sites have the New Orleans Saints chalked up at odds of 2/1 or lower to win the title this season, however by getting over to the Betfred betting site right now you can back them to win the NFC this season at odds of 9/4.

However, just keep in mind that as the rest of the matches are played off for the remainder of the season the odds on them are going to drop if they win match after match, so get a move on if you do fancy their chances to secure the highest possible odds.

Second and Third Favourites

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The next two teams that are on offer at some decent odds right now to win the NFC title race this season are the San Francisco 49ers at 7/2 and the Green Bay Packers at 9/2.

Outsider and Terms Not Being Backed

You can offer your own set of odds and offer them to other punters if you make use of betting exchanges such as Betfair, however the odds you will need to offer other punters will need to be higher than those that bookies are offering.

As for the teams that are not expected to win the NFC title this season and their currently available odds, well let me now look at those teams and enlighten you on their generally available odds.

They include the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys at 9/1, followed closely in the betting by Los Angeles Rams at 10/1 and then you have teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks who are being offered at most bookies’ sites at odds of 14/1.

The last few teams that are in the NFC that very clearly have very little chance if any of winning the title this season as the top team in the NFC they are the Carolina Panthers at 40/1, the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions at 66/1 and then you have the no hopers those teams being the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals at 250/1.